my 101 list

I wrote a similar list to this three years ago-in fact, Sky said reading it made him fall in love with me before he even met me (aww). Some of those original items are on this new list.

Doing 101 things in 1001 days would put me at December 4, 2013. I will mark them off as I complete them. I don't necessarily plan on doing every single one of them in that time frame, but they're goals nonetheless. Lofty? Sometimes. I believe that's okay.
  1. See England (!)
  2. Wear a long dress to a fancy party (3/26/11, Regimental Ball)
  3. Get a degree (in progress again (yay!) as of 8/12)
  4. Have another baby (June 29, 2013!)
  5. Sign an autograph
  6. Light candles every evening (Done! That or Scentsy most nights)
  7. Watch more old movies (Done- that, and old actor biographies)
  8. Find a way to be paid to write
  9. Take Millie on a picnic
  10. Buy a pair of red high heels
  11. Learn more about photography (one class on 5/18/11)
  12. Skinny dip
  13. Get published in a printed magazine or newspaper
  14. Be told that I am an elegant woman
  15. Be in a wedding
  16. Visit more museums
  17. Do something that must be kept secret because it's so wild (done)
  18. Cook all my meals myself for a week (Definitely done!)
  19. Expand my vocabulary
  20. Find a perfume that will be my 'trademark scent'
  21. Live in/near Chicago for a while
  22. Be gifted with a teddy bear from Harrod's
  23. Get a message- maybe even a spa day
  24. Sit down with each of my parents, and have them tell me their life stories (halfway done [Mom])
  25. Get a second tattoo
  26. Create a dessert recipe that is completely my own
  27. Wear a flower in my hair (flower hairpin, Easter 2011)
  28. Make all homemade gifts one Christmas
  29. Get my makeup done professionally for an event
  30. Go to a play
  31. Throw Millie a gorgeous first birthday party (done July 2011)
  32. Have my blog posts published into a book
  33. Stay up all night playing board games
  34. Be gifted with a meaningful necklace to wear every day 
  35. Find a “George Lassos The Moon” sign and hang it in my home
  36. Get a child's bike seat for my bike and take Millie on long rides
  37. Write more poetry (work in progress, but somewhat done!)
  38. Have a photo (that I've taken) enlarged and printed on a canvas (done June 2013- won one)
  39. Go camping as a family
  40. Plan a regular date night and stick to it
  41. Go canoeing
  42. See Coldplay in concert
  43. Have Sky record himself telling our “how-we-met” story and blog it
  44. Have a tea party with Millie
  45. Teach myself to make something fun with origami
  46. Go to a NCAA basketball tournament game (preferably, the Illini)
  47. Learn how to play poker and win a game
  48. Buy and use curlers for a week (Attempted...not so great.)
  49. Find a dentist and start going every 6 months (Done)
  50. Pay off debt (work in progress, but nearly done now!)
  51. Have a 'sanity day' just to myself once or twice a month
  52. Figure out how to lessen my migraines
  53. Make Sky a mix tape like he's asked (done July 2011)
  54. Go on a vacation as a family
  55. Take Millie to Prairie Farms (done June 2012)
  56. Go on an across-town bike ride with my dad in the summer, per our tradition
  57. Learn to be more patient (work in progress!)
  58. Go to garage sales at least two weekends per month, and occasionally get up early for them (done- online garage sales count!)
  59. Buy a vintage dress and wear it for a night out on the town
  60. Meet a bloggy friend in real life (Done! The Annoyed Army Wife, January 2012, Fran from Freeborboleta in Seattle, August 2012, and Meagan (Out with the Map) and Dani (My Heart is in the Army, My Brain is in Grad school December 2012)
  61. Do photography for an event (wedding, pregnancy, graduation, baby shower, etc.)
  62. Walk along the beach with Sky at sunset
  63. Get up before Millie and have a cup of coffee (Done)
  64. Wear pearls
  65. Get Millie a wagon
  66. Play a game of basketball with Sky
  67. Paint a piece of furniture (done)
  68. Learn how to do my own 'smoky eye' makeup
  69. Have professional family photos taken (Done- for free!)
  70. Sing a karaoke song
  71. Make a cherry pie from scratch
  72. Buy sapphire earrings (my birthstone)
  73. Go feed breadcrumbs to ducks as a family (done)
  74. Start reading my Bible daily
  75. Make something that can be framed and hung on a wall (sorta done!)
  76. Go to a few nice restaurants in town I haven't been to before- Minecci's, Timpone's, etc. (Done- Minecci's, our anniversary)
  77. Wear bright red lipstick
  78. Get out my old Taste of Home magazines and use one recipe from them each week (Done-Have used them quite a bit.)
  79. Go horseback riding with Sky
  80. Pick apples or pumpkins with Millie at Curtis Orchard
  81. Learn how to make hand-stamped necklace pendants (and possibly sell them)
  82. Research my family's genealogy and know more of their stories (work in progress, but learning more)
  83. Fly a kite with Millie
  84. Have a day out just to take pictures
  85. Rent a fancy car for a day and take a joyride
  86. Throw a party and make my own hor d'ouevres (Somewhat done- game night!)
  87. Get a passport
  88. Dance a slow dance with Sky
  89. Learn how to tie a tie
  90. Embroider something (Done, March 2012)
  91. Have a video game night with Sky after Millie is asleep
  92. Find an amazing-but-healthy smoothie recipe and make it (done)
  93. Call my mom once a week without fail (usually done)
  94. Do a giveaway on my blog of my favorite things (done-ish)
  95. Make it a habit of doing devotions with Sky every day
  96. Go on a girl's day/night out with friends
  97. Take a walk every day the weather is nice (started 3/12)
  98. Discover a new favorite poet
  99. Watch every episode of the Dick Van Dyke show
  100. Inspire someone else to make their own list (if you are, email me and I'll link you here, or comment below!) (Done!)

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Sue said...

You inspired me!

Mercedes said...

this is so awesome! I think I am going to write something like this for myself. Goals are so important to have and it would make me feel wonderful to cross off each goal as I completed it. I think one of my goals would have to be having a game night with my family as well complete with Game Wheels and prizes. I work a lot and my children are very active in school and sports, but we all need to compromise and make time for each other. Plus in 1001 days gives us plenty of time! Thanks for the interesting read!

The Illiterate Author said...

I love this! I think I may have to write one for myself :) Thanks for sharing!

The Illiterate Author said...

Finally finished it :)

Anna Lynne said...

Just read this...what a great list! My favourite is husband and I watched the entire series during our first year of marriage. They're the best!

Kristle Helmuth said...

Ah I love it! You have such meaningful goals! :) I am going to add you to my list of lists on

Louie said...

Doing this!!!

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