June 25, 2012

It's Even Better

Kathryn is busy stay at home mom and blogger at Singing Through the Rain who managed to keep it all together while her husband was gone on his recent deployment. I always admired her honesty, strength, and perseverance. Even though there were lots of days that weren't easy, she handled it all with grace. She's also starting a new segment on the blog entitled "Ask Kathryn" (see her post for more info)- it's a great idea, because she is one wise lady. I'm honored to have her as my guest today!


Do you ever get that “wow” moment? The kind that you totally just realized that you are an adult – a real adult. The kind you always wanted to be when you were a kid? I did. And it wasn’t just one moment in particular it just kind of slowly came up and hit me in the face over the past few weeks.
It’s the thought that, “Wow this is it.” I’m 25, I’m married, I have a child and I am an adult. But it doesn’t feel like it. It feels crazy like I should still be in school or that I should still be a teenager. But I am not in school anymore, I am not under my parent’s roof, I am on my own living my own life – a life I never imagined.
As a child, I had the typical dreams of a small girl. I wanted to grow up, become a teacher, fall in love, get married and have children. I dreamed of a husband with a typical 9-5 job and five almost-perfect children who adored us as parents. As I grew older, reality replaced those dreams. I did not become a teacher. I did not marry a man that has a typical job or have a child that is beyond perfect.
But I fell in love. I married a man more wonderful than any dream could have made up. Together, with God’s help we made a beautiful child who has some special needs, but is loved beyond belief.
I did not see this life – military life and life with a special-needs child. It’s not like anything I tried to dream up. It’s hard. It’s even cold and lonely at times. But it’s in that “wow” moment that I realized I am blessed beyond measure. My reality has exceeded my dreams. God has given me more than I could ever ask for. Sure life is hard. There have been moments where I did not think I could go on, but through it all I’ve become a better person and my family is stronger for it.
It’s in these moments that I think, “Wow… this isn’t the life I originally dreamed of, but you know what? It’s even better.”
Have you ever had one of these moments? What dreams did you have that did not come to pass? Is your reality better than your dreams?

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! I have been feeling the same way. It's like the statement "I am an adult" is almost more of a question at times; I can hardly believe it! I think the big difference for me is that I NEVER thought I would be a teacher, yet here I am a high school Spanish teacher! Life is crazy and unpredictable. Great post!

Fran said...

I've been getting that feeling a lot lately which is weird because I'm still in college but I feel like there's so much going on in my life that has nothing to do with a typical college girl's life it's crazy haha

Kathryn said...

Haha glad I'm not alone! It's funny how life changes and brings us the most unexpected things!

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