March 9, 2009


I'm getting driven up a wall. There are major problems with my cell phone. Not the phone itself, but the people who send messages to it, or don't. This is becoming an issue.

I love to text. I do it more often than is probably healthy, but I'm fascinated with it. People who otherwise wouldn't write five words on a piece of paper suddenly transform into writers. I find out whether they are quality writers soon enough from the punctuation, spelling, etc. I'm not too good with spending an hour on the phone, but I could spend a few texting and not know where the time went.

This last week has put texting in a different light. I've had a guy text me so much I've gotten annoyed, thrown my phone on the bed, and walked away. I've had a guy not text me much at all, and I'm not used to that from him, so it feels funny and uncomfortable. And finally, I've wanted a guy to text me very much, but doubt he would for various reasons.

There is nothing deep to this post, no poetry or hidden meanings. I'm just about to go nuts from one texter, and thinking too much about the other two. Who knew words in black in white could still be so complicated?

Better go charge my phone just in case...

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Dena said...

Its always the wrong person that sends the texts. When I want to hear from a specific person that is when everyone and their mom expect the person I want decideds to text me.

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