I've written a lot
If you want to catch up to the present, 
without searching every inch of the past, 
here are the "must reads" from my blog to get you there. 
It's a very simplified list of the past few years of my life.
Maybe it doesn't make as good of a story as Cinderella and her prince. But I had hoped for something more real than that anyway.

Regimental ball: story
Army Strong Bonds Weekend 
A much needed laugh
An uphill battle 
The past year 
Sky leaves the National Guard- for now 
Plans to re-enlist
A second proposal and a shiny diamond 
A new possibility in the military 
Sky re-enlists in the Army Reserves
The struggles and victories of marriage 
Looking back
Sky's post, written for our 2nd anniversary
Our first happy anniversary 
Flashback to R&R
The life of a Army Reserve family
Remembering deployment
Together, still, somehow
Updates on life
Millie turns two
Army Strong Bonds trip in Seattle- part one and part two
A "little" announcement
More marriage struggles
Baby's heartbeat
Sky leaves for the Army Reserves AIT
Our third anniversary
Love feels good

Walter is born 
Mother to two
Remembering the early days 
A new daily life

{the first weekend we met}