March 26, 2009


I just think a little grace is in order.

Be happy for me. Be happy that I love someone and that someone loves me back. Be happy that I have a steady job, a new apartment, and good friends. Be happy that I'm not a knocked up teenager, that I'm not strung out on cocaine, that I'm not holding old grudges and not speaking to everyone. Be happy that, despite my numerous shortcomings, I'm doing okay. No one is dying. No one is in danger. Be happy for me simply because I am happy. 

Be sad for me. Be sad that I am alone while doing all I can do to push myself forward in this life. Be sad that there are boys in a war and I miss them every day. Be sad that when I got this apartment, I couldn't call my boyfriend, or text him, or even send him a letter that will get to him in a couple days' time. Be sad that I can't give a tour to most of the people I care about. Be sad that I won't see those people for many unnumbered days. Be sad for me simply because I am also sad.

Life is complicated. I will do things that you do not approve of just as you have done things that I disagree with, too. We don't have the same mind. We don't have the same political bumper stickers or tastes in food or favorite books. We don't order the same value meals or carry the same values. We are different people, and that is okay. I don't want to do this to prove I am separate from that. I do want you to prove you can be accepting of me being separate.

I don't need lectures or speeches. I have heard your side of the story for 24 years. 

Hear mine.

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Preach, Preacha!

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