April 17, 2009

Bliss Without Pretense

Bliss is singing harmony to swingy acoustic guitar with the windows and sunroof open. It's being able to wear shorts and tank top for the first time of the year. It's driving by the house I'll live in next month. It's putting my dog on a leash, walking solo down the flourescently sunny road, and taking pictures of an old convertible sitting by the highway. It's getting out summery colors of nail polish. Signing up for the fluff summer classes "Intro to Shakespeare" and "Theatre Appreciation" and having them meet requirements for a degree. Knowing that I am back on track to get my degree. Coming home to find a t-shirt I've ordered from a grade school friend's new company. Getting over slight worry of not hearing from the boys overseas when there's an email saying they've been busy playing a war video game for days. Debating the nutrition value of a double chocolate soda from my aunt and uncle's custard shop. Starting a photoblog. Immersing myself in other author's blogs and photoblogs. Buying running shorts, a sports bra, and a yoga mat (for push-ups, not yoga) and getting them before I could blame in on the Urbana climate. Writing yards of poetry no one else will ever see. Writing other poems that are itching to be published. Pedaling my bike so quickly that I push past being out of breath and actually get the second wind I've heard mentioned. Having my dad say something so unintentionally funny that he has to pause his favorite show because I'm laughing too loudly. Googling lyrics and downloading the radio single that's stuck in my head. Planning an outfit to wear in the downtown Champaign warmth tomorrow. Buying high fiber cereal on sale because I'm turning into that person. Going to the best Mexican restaurant in state of Illinois and ordering the same meal over and over. Thinking about my name in print in the not-so-distant future. Anticipating the next time I'll see the ring I gave him waved across the webcam. Breaking a sweat on the elliptical machine on my lunch hour, and the faint ache in my arms the next day. Listening to a song called "Sushi" on repeat. Knowing my dad is proud of me without him needing to say it. Making someone else laugh. Driving home with bar tables crowding the sidewalks on either side of the street. Showing someone older than me how to do something on a computer (Is this weird? It feels like it sounds weird, but I like it!). Belting out the high notes when I'm alone. Pulling a random book off the shelf, reading a random poem, and having it completely capture the very moments I experienced with him to every last detail. Piano or violins in anything. Growing less scornful of modern interior design. Ordering it on wheat instead of white. Watching a red convertible with a Dalmatian in the backseat. Getting killer shoes on clearance. Juice of a Figi apple dripping down my wrist. Having the house to myself. Having the house filled with back and forth jokes between myself and my father. Liking Raisin bran after all. Being on the same page with people I never thought I'd be. Typing this and being interrupted by my brother saying hello underneath the morning Afghani sun.   

Bliss is writing about it again six months later and truly, wholeheartedly feeling it this time.

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