April 29, 2009

Current Events

I've gotta get this said before I say anything else. I'm not a politically correct person in the least. However, I was born with a little sensitivity. And I really could not be more tired of people joking about this flu. There is something that really rubs me wrong about joking about something that is killing people and affecting so many countries. I appreciate humor as much as the next girl (maybe more so, and maybe even too much), but seriously- find something else to make fun of besides a death-causing virus. Even if it is 'overkill' to panic or even to put out the "Cover your cough" signs at work, I think it's only decent to not make so light of it, just like it's probably not too cool to make fun of depression or cancer. Just my opinion. Just needed to say it.

Other news of the day, but this more local and personal-after all, this blog is little more than an online diary for me to think and process. So here goes: I saw a video of my baby niece starting to roll from her back to her stomach, and I have never been more proud of anything in my life. I've even been pulling up pictures on my phone, showing people at work saying, "Okay, just one more...and just one more." It's crazy how much I adore the kid.

The big move to the apartment is getting oh-so-close, and I'm really nervous. Yes, there is plenty of excitement, but it is easy for me to psych myself out of excitement and into worry. The drive home to the airport every evening is becoming a little more bittersweet. I am not quite sure what the reason is for my jitters, but I know I will have to get it out of my system before moving day. I would be tempted to cry and look back in nostalgia, but I'll be moving things back and forth with my dad and my aunt, so I'll have to buck up and be a grown-up that day, or at least until I've told them goodnight and snuggled under the covers.

And now to the more current-time to take a break to listen to Barack and upload some photos of last Saturday night, when, as it turned out, I was actually the only one who felt like dancing.

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Dena said...

I am guilty as charged but I hear ya it really isn't funny.

I also checked out the video of your niece...too cute!

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