June 16, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I've started my summer college classes, and find myself already questioning how I talked myself into it. Sure, I'll get used to the pace and flow, learn how to fake intelligence when answering wordy questions, and do better at flipping through pages for timed quizzes. For now, I feel like I have been tricked into handing the school hundreds of dollars to do their work. We'll see if it holds true, but my school predictions are as follows; the Shakespeare class will be good since I will read a few plays I haven't been exposed to before and enjoy the others I love, but I don't see myself learning lots of Shakespeare-y things. The theater class will be a total waste of time and take lots of it, even though the class itself won't be incredibly hard. I could be totally wrong about all of this, but I'll report back in 8 weeks.

Also, an update from a February post that I never intending to quote. I smile reading this now:
"A guy friend recently asked me what a girl would want for Valentine’s day. “A date!”, I told him. I went on to say that if the girl was anything like me, shewouldn’t turn down a hand-written letter and a present from Tiffany’s. The Tiffany gift may not be so practical, but any guy could write a note if he cared enough. My future guy will have to do that much for me."
I said 'guy friend' only because I didn't know what to call my brother's roommate who I'd talked with occasionally. I never would have guessed that this 'guy friend' was that 'future guy', and that we'd be writing each other pages of emails barely a month later. It's funny to see how unaware I was.

I also talked to Sky about my brother's homesickness, and he told me that all of the soldiers are weary and ready to be back. When he said he missed me, I asked him how he knew. When one of the things he responded with was talking about me a lot, I thought it was strange even though I replied with the same thing. No one there knows me- I have met only one other guy there besides Andy and Sky. Then I replayed in my head the days at work when people ask about him, the updates on when he'll be home to my family, and the ramblings to my friends about how amazing he is- not one of these people have ever seen him, but I never seem to remember that. So when a secretary at work asks her usual, "And how's Sky? When's he coming home?" like she's met him a dozen times, I always answer as if she has. Occasionally, though, I follow it up with, "And I can't wait for you to meet him!"

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Awwwh Cute...hope school goes well for ya I start soon, YIKES.

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