September 1, 2009


I've come from down the road,
And my footsteps never slowed.
Before we met I knew we'd meet.
Before we met I knew we'd meet.
-"Hymn 101" by Joe Pug

I was feeling defensive yesterday. There is someone who is in my life almost daily, and she has been challenging my patience more and more. The reason for this is her obsessions- marriage and kids. It doesn't seem to be something that sweetly happens for her, but more like something she wrestles to the ground after a long fight. Because of the nonstop chatter on these subjects, my smiles were becoming more forced around her, and by the time she offered relationship advice to me, I had to remind myself to stay in my chair instead of rushing past the sliding glass doors.

People who do not have good relationships should not give others advice, especially when it's not asked for. My mother emailing me diet advice is not terribly needed, but hysterically funny. However, someone who argues with their spouse constantly (or probably won't be married more than five years) should keep their mouth shut. So when I was told that she doesn't 'condone' my relationship, as if I had asked or cared, I decided that I was mad. I've been mad the past couple days, and I've been reading. And this is what I read:

--Nearly two-thirds of the population believes in love at first sight
--Of the believers, more than half have experienced it
--55 percent of those who experienced love at first sight married the object of their affection
--Three-quarters of those who married as a result of love at first sight have stayed married -- well over the national average.
(Study by Dr. Earl Naumann)

So maybe I should have known Sky ten years before he moved in. Or maybe she's wrong. Because I've been happier on any given day with him than I've been all the days of anyone else combined. We didn't necessarily fall in love at first sight... but then again, we did. In a round about way, I knew I could love him before I drove to meet him. I loved him all those months of being apart, while I got to know him through late night talks and daily emails. And I don't regret a second of anything except not knowing him sooner. I couldn't pick and choose better pieces to fit with me.

I'm thankful that the majority of my friends can be supportive, even happy for me. But to those who aren't- I could care less. I doubt they will ever get to their happily ever afters, while mine has already started.

A deep breath. Good. Now that I've 'said my piece', it's time to forget about everything outside of this little green house and focus on the boy with the unshaven face and the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. He's the one playing Bob Dylan on Guitar Hero to lure me into the other room. Proving people wrong feels so damn good.

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