May 7, 2010

Happy Mil-Spouse Day

Women's eyes have pierced more hearts than ever did the bullets of war.


If you've followed my blog through the past deployment, you know 2 things- 1, that I am not particularity patriotic, and 2- that it was one of the hardest things that has happened in my life.

Starting with #1- I am not the girl who carries around camouflage purses, says "HOOAH!" every chance I get, or wears Sky's dogtags every day. I don't see deployments as a good thing, and everything Army reminds me of that, so I choose, except for the occasional PT sweatpants wearing, to generally avoid these things. I am extremely proud of him and of my brother, and I don't think skipping this stuff makes me any less so.

As for #2- I have come to hold an equal amount of admiration for military wives and girlfriends since that time, because it's hard. Very hard. It's hard when people bring up the next time Sky leaves. Even drill weekends aren't particularly fun. It's hard thinking about my baby missing out on important time with her father. It's a big deal.

And so, cheers to all the military spouses today.
We are strong, we are tough, and enlisted or not, we do something huge for our country.
Yea us!

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