December 8, 2010

Day 8

December 8 – Beautifully Different. 
Think about what makes you different 
and what you do that lights people up. 
Reflect on all the things that make you different – 
you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. 
(Author: Karen Walrond)

I'm not sure if it makes me all that different, but something that lights people up? I would say my writing. It definitely isn't like a pro with an degree to back them. I'm not going on any book tours.

There was a lady, in a setting which required her to be extremely professional and slightly unemotional. I brought her some of my poetry at her request. She sat and read through five or six poems, and tears began to stream down her face. She looked up at me when she was done, and said, "Holy $#*!, Erika."

That was a good day.

Ever since that moment, I feel such honor when someone tells me they have teared up over something I wrote. I love that what I took out of my heart and put on paper can evoke strong emotions- as strong as they are for me when I write. It is a magical feeling that has no equal. I believe it's one of the biggest reasons writers choose to write. There is no better applause.

2 kind comments from you:

annoyed army wife said...

Oh, very eloquently written. You are a wonderful writer, which I enjoy tremendously.

Beka said...

Oh my gosh, that lady crying...heh, that would be a VERY good day.
Unemotional person turned teary-eyed? Heck yeah.

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