January 2, 2011

5 Months Already?!

Amelia's changing every single day- she's never the baby that she was yesterday. There's sadness to that, but it's also amazing to see what I will awake to every morning.

The past couple of weeks, she's been obsessed with faces, hair, lips; she reaches both hands up to my mouth, and is sweetly surprised when I kiss her fingers. She grasps either side of my face and tries to pull me close. It's lovely feeling wanted by a beautiful baby.

She's also been practicing sitting up by herself. Sometimes, it lasts for a few minutes. Other times, it's a few seconds before she tumbles backwards or starts leaning to one side. She doesn't seem to mind since it makes everyone giggle. She smiles and strains to get back up.

The best thing is the way she reacts to people talking to her- she is beginning to bury her face into my shoulder, as if she's shy. While I'm told that most babies do this, I can't help but feel good about it. I'm her refuge from conversations she'd rather not have, I guess.

She's growing so fast. I can't wait to meet who she'll be tomorrow.

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Dolli-Mama said...

Beautiful. And I LOVE that picture. Perfect.

Beka said...

Oh my, sitting up already??!

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