March 29, 2011


If you're a fan of this blog on Facebook, then you already know these things (and if not, why aren't you? It's great for my ego. Also, it's where I give sneak peaks of posts and share randomness I find on the internet). But if you aren't yet, then I want to share this with you:

After getting a few comments from people who have read my entire blog to get caught up with the present day, I felt honored. I also knew that a lot of people just don't have time to wade through over two years of posts. I decided to create a history tab for the blog, especially for my newest readers. I have sorted through posts to find the ones that are most essential to the "storyline" of my life the past few years. So, click history if you need to refresh your memory. I'll be updating the tab as needed.

In other news, the story of the ball will be posted tomorrow! Excited? But for today, I wanted to share a couple videos of Millie- to amuse you, and mostly to remind myself that there is a sweetheart behind the teething mess the past two days.

Video #1: Huh?

Video #2: She already disagrees with me?

My dad rescued me from all her fussing this evening and took me out to dinner. And now, she's (finally) asleep for the night, so it's time to catch up on blogs, treat this headache, and soak up the hard-to-come-by  quiet


5 kind comments from you:

Consider The Lilies said...

all right so I just spent about the last hour clicking through your history tabs. you and your husband have been on quite a journey together, I'm so happy to see where you have come to today though! it makes for a beautiful story :) thanks for sharing!

Mrs.B said...

Looks like I know what I'll be doing tomorrow afternoon while my little one naps! Can't wait to catch up and read everything!

Beka said...

heheh. i love those videos. absolutely hilarious.

charla beth said...

i can't wait to sit down and go through your "history" tabs.

and your little millie is a doll! her shaking her head is my favorite; what a sweetheart.

Mrs. H said...

She's cutie pie :) What else needs to be said?
And at least she's a not a teenager yet!

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