April 23, 2011

Easter Dresses

A few weeks ago, I won an Avon gift card from Julie the Army Wife. I wanted to show you what I got, and since I want to wear it on Easter, I thought I was show you what I have planned for Millie as well. I went into the pregnancy thinking I'd be clueless with girly stuff, but there's just something about baby dresses.

I got her sweet little linen dress at a thrift store for $3.00. It's a Baby Gap dress, and their current similar styles are about $35.00! I love the little puffed sleeves. 

An up close view of the crochet detail

A white and cream pinstriped jacket- a hand-me-down from Millie's cousin, Becca

A headband from one of my great loves- Target. I'm slightly torn about not having a traditional Easter bonnet, but this matches the dress perfectly. Maybe next year!

I'm thinking these shoes, another Becca hand-me-down. Hopefully it's warm enough for them.

And finally, here are a few of my buys with the Avon giftcard, besides the lipstick and lotion I got. 
I'm not really a lipstick kind of girl, but I want to be. So this will be my foray into glamour, I suppose.

This is the dress I got- cotton eyelet, and just simple and springy.
It will probably be much to chilly to wear it on Easter, but that was the plan when I got it.

Eyelet detail

And these earrings called to me. I know that the pearls might match better, but Monday's blue sparklies are definitely needing to be worn, and soon.

I have a very, very small Easter basket for Millie planned- for pictures more than anything, 
since I doubt she'll remember it the next day, let alone years from now.

But those pictures will have to wait until Easter, so she can pose in her pretty dress!

10 kind comments from you:

annoyed army wife said...

I can't wait to see you both in your Easter attire! I love that headband and it is absolutely perfect to go with her little dress!

Morgan said...

I do love them both! That little dress is to die for!
The earrings are amazing too!

Kaylee said...

That dress is super sweet - I love the whole outfit and can't wait to see her wearing it!!

Our Little Fam said...

so so cute! Cant wait to see pictures of you both in your dresses!

jamila said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I want to see pictures of Millie and Mama all dressed up!

Ashley D. said...

I love Millie's dress! Too cute! The top I'm wearing tomorrow has crochet detail and I love it! I also love the little jacket. Too, too cute! :) Your dress is gorgeous! I almost bought a similar one last week! Looks like you and your girl will be super cute in your Easter attire! I can't wait to see pictures!

Happy Easter!

ines said...

very cute!

Uncork and Unwined said...

Her entire outfit is so adorable! Little girls are so much fun to dress up!

Beka said...

i love the blue sparkly earrings.
and the dresses? oh my, beautiful!
yesterday i tried on a beautiful, just-the-right-size white eyelet dress at kohls....half off 70. i'm not ready to spring for that, so i put it back...hopefully no one else will see it. hah.

i've been wanting to buy a tube of lipstick sometime....hmmmm.... :)

heart like mine said...

oh my goodness, that little outfit for millie is DARLING. that has to be one of the sweetest little dresses i've never seen.

and i looove your little white dress. it is so sweet and feminine.

hope you post pictures, doll, and that you're having a wonderful Easter!

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