April 25, 2011

Millie Laughs

Every once in a while, Millie cries and cries.

She can be inconsolable.
She may not know what she wants or what she needs, only that she is unhappy.
She stirs in her blankets, bawling until exhaustion takes over.

I wonder if she learned that from me.

But daily, Millie laughs and laughs.

She doesn't pay attention to the volume level.
Her entire being is filled to overflowing with the kind of joy that children feel to their very core.
She is unabashedly, wildly happy.

I need to learn that from her. 

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Our Little Fam said...

She is soo adorable!!

Ashley D. said...

My daughter used to cry every evening for hours during her first month of life! It was so exhausting, and as a new mother, I was frantic to try to figure out what was wrong with her. But, now I realize, that baby's don't have to have a reason to cry. They just do sometimes :) You're right, we have a lot we can learn from our children. Thanks for sharing!

annoyed army wife said...

Is there anything better than a giggling little kid?

Jessica said...

And I bet regardless of whether she's laughing or crying... Millie is adorable!

Alice said...

Dude...I'm part of the large section of our generation that cannot be serious for fear of being made fun of, and I myself make fun of almost anything that smacks of clich├ęd sentimentality. It's so hard to avoid that when writing about babies/being a mother, but you do and I find myself being touched by almost everything you post here. Just wanted to let you know.

Beka said...

something we all need to learn....

heart like mine said...

wow, what beautiful thoughts.

this is short, sweet, perfect.

Jeanna said...

She is SO gorgeous :)

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