April 1, 2011


I don't have a cohesive post to write this morning. Instead, I'm afraid you'll have to be subjected to random musings.

-As I mentioned last night, it's drill weekend for Sky. Cue the reality TV shows, old movies, spending the day in my pajamas, online window shopping (a favorite past time), and painting my nails if I can decide on a good pink. Am I the only one who does this kind of stuff when their husband is gone? I turn into a very lazy girl, minus taking care of Millie.

-Did things get better last night after I blogged? Definitely not. Will things get better when he comes home? I hope so.

-I've already fallen for an April Fools joke this morning. I think I'm pretty gullible unfortunately.

-I realized last night that the sweatpants I'm wearing are 10 years old. I bought them for gym class my sophomore year. This makes me feel really old. It also makes me want new sweatpants. I would like these please.

-While I was window shopping online, I decided I needed a new swimsuit- maybe a one piece, or a high wasted two piece since Amelia has somewhat altered what I can get away with wearing. I looked on J.Crew (which, by the way, is totally the kind of thing I want to wear, if money was no object. I have the heart of a preppy girl.) and I found this pretty one shoulder suit (weird tan lines, though), this strapless one, and these awesome gingham bottoms. I love that all this vintage stuff is coming back. I really should have been alive in the 40s.

-I'm going to try Skype this weekend for the first time. My mom lives in Oregon, so we're going to try it. I know it's weird that I haven't used it before, especially as a milspouse, but I guess I'd always used other (outdated) things like AIM and Yahoo video chats. They were pretty poor quality, so I am hoping Skype is a bit better.

-Someone very close to me is going through a lot of change health-wise right now. There are some worrying things. If you pray, please keep this girl in your prayers. I'll be blogging more about her another day.

-April is National Poetry Month, and I am a huge poetry geek. So if you find yourself with nothing to do some evening this month, curl up with a poem. Some of my favorite poets are Margaret Atwood, e. e. cummings, Pablo Neruba, Marge Piercy, Carl Sandburg, Charles Bukowski, and William Carlos Williams. Check them out, and feel cultured.

-And finally, I have no jokes on this April 1st. Not really feeling like joking today. But I have a insanely beautiful 8 month old daughter, and she's taking a nap, and I made buffalo chicken dip for lunch. Those are all good things, and that's what I'm trying to remind myself of this morning.


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Kimberly In Seattle said...

Happy April!!! I've also noticed all the 40's and vintage styles coming back for swimsuits, and I love it!!! I just wish I had curves to pull the look off right :-)

Steph said...

I like the one strap swimsuit. Drill weekend for us too. I'm actually pretty pumped to lounge around all weekend.

Mrs.B said...

I have this problem that whenever we go shopping sweatpants are the first thing I look for. Seriously.

That strapless bathing suit is adorable. I love the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Try www.shopruche.com , they have some amazing vintage inspires clothes and swimsuits, I've absolutely fallen in love with the vintage styles that come up a little higher in the waist.
I'm with ya on the tummy thing. <3

Beka said...

ahh. adorable swimsuits.
it's definitely good to focus on the good things...and pray for the things not going so well... all these develop us into who we are.

charla beth said...

this is so sweet.

that top swimsuit is my faaaave. you've inspired me to look for something similar!

i'll have to check out those poets you mentioned.

and that last paragraph made me smile. i'm sorry this wasn't the best day for you, but celebrating the little things is pretty amazing. God blesses us everyday and i think He blesses us even more when we choose to look for those little gifts of Love.

Mrs. H said...

I live for vintage swimsuits. The other day I saw a high-waisted yellow polka dot bikini. You can't blame a girl for loving anything vintage! :) ♥
Praying for that sweet girl!

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