May 27, 2011


When I can't blog in a reasonable though process, this sort of thing tends to happen. While Beka has mastered the random blog post and made it something beautiful, I tend to fall behind...

1. Millie did something pretty amazing yesterday. But because it may be used for a guest blog in the very near future, I can't post about it yet. I didn't even Facebook about it (gasp!). Let's just say I'm a very proud mama, and can't wait to tell everyone.

2. John Mayer was in Chambana recently.. He played at a little bar where I've seen a few awesome shows. However, I do not like John Mayer or his music. He was here playing a private show for Jimmy John of freaky fast sandwich fame, who make his (ginormous) home here in town. And while I love the sandwiches (#4, no sprouts, extra mayo please), I have heard pretty terrible things about the man. Therefore, I love nothing about this tidbit of town gossip.

3. That guest blog I mentioned in #1? I had so much trouble with it! If you're a fan on my Facebook page, you saw where I desperately asked for writing prompts. What is it about guest blogging that always makes me freeze? Then I had two ideas in two nights. So, feeling like a total dork, I sent this blogger both posts, asking her to use whichever one she liked the most. I am sure she is regretting she ever asked.

4. Last night, I asked Sky if we could go to the farmer's market as soon as he had a Saturday morning off work. The next night, my dad asked me if I wanted to go sometime soon. Great minds! When Sky and I lived closer to it, we walked there almost every weekend, and I miss it so much. There is great food, music, crafts, and lots of people-watching opportunities. I can't wait.

5. I can't find new stories about it, but I'm told there was a tornado last night in my town. I was hosting a birthday party for my dad and sister, and we heard the sirens go off and watched the sky go green. My brother reminisced about a memorable storm when we were kids, and I think we all felt slightly uneasy. The television stayed on the local weather all night, but there was no damage near us and the party went on as planned. I was willing to jump into a bathroom or closet if I heard anything scary, though!

6. There was a huge, flying bug in my house this evening. I can't squish bugs because that requires getting too close to them, so I threw a Tupperware container over it. It will stay trapped there until Sky comes home and rescues me.

7. I can't stop sneaking into Millie's room before I go to bed. She moves so much now that she's always in a different position than how I laid her down- covers are everywhere, feet are sticking out of the bars, etc. My excuse is that I can go in and cover her up again, but if we're telling the truth, I just want to look at her. She's gorgeous when she sleeps.

So there you have it. I'm off to cover Millie up, and hide under my own blankets where bugs cannot see me.


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Mrs. H said...

Why can't we live closer???
I love farmer's markets! :D I've been dying to go to one but for some reason California is weird and has them during the week when Mr. H and I can't go :(
And I had similar experience with a bug. Except it was in the shower when I was about to jump in. No bueno.
Can't wait for your guest blog!!! (And I hope you enjoyed this BOOK of a comment) :D

Kaylee said...

Love this for a few reasons. Farmer's Markets are the best! I love checking on my sleeping babies - simply because I just love looking at them sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. And bugs?! They are terrible and I HATE getting anywhere near them. Can't wait for your guest post and to find out what Millie did!

A Boring Girl said...

I only miss living in Urbana because of The Farmers Market and a lil bar down the street.

heart like mine said...

ha, you are so cute! this post made me smile.

that farmer's market sounds absolutely wonderful. i hope you get to go soon.

that tornado sounds terrifying. i'm glad to hear that you and your family are okay and that that your party went on as planned.

hahaha you throwing tupperware over the bug made me laugh out loud. so cute. i hope sky comes to rescue you soon!

Victoria said...

My husband always catches the bugs too!

beka said...

prepare yourself for a novel of a comment. sorry, couldn't resist!!

psh, you did a great random post! :) :)

golly. i can't say how much i love farmer's markets.

can't wait to read about this amazing thing millie did! <3

i've never listened to john mayer music. by accident, of course.

you should post the link for that guest post once it's published. i want to read it!! i'm sure it's great:) we all feel like dorks from time to time, but usually to everyone else it doesn't seem dorky. ;) skies are freaky. it's been about ten years or so, but we had a micro-burst [huge windy rainy storm, not quite a tornado] come around here and it whipped off a ton of branches on our street lined with mature trees....knocked down our favorite slenderish climbing tree 15 ft away from the house....yeah. that was a sad, freaky day. sat in our basement eating frozen burritos. lol.

ugh i hate huge flying bugs! creeeepers.

i love watching sleeping babies.
one time, when i was about 11 or 12, we were on vacation in TN, and our friend's baby was sleeping. i picked up a small piece of paper and pencil, and sketched him. i wish i had that art, but i gave it to the mom, naturally:)

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