May 7, 2011

Saving Superman, Mustaches, and Reunions

"Become a superhero.
Just because everyone doesn't know your name doesn't mean you don't matter. " 

Sky and my brother Andy have been evacuating different towns in southern Illinois. One was the tiny town of Metropolis, known as "Home of Superman". They have a huge statue of the superhero on Main Street. It's their biggest (only) claim to fame.

And Andy has a two year old daughter- my niece, Becca, who I have written about before on this blog. She has been missing him, and has been asking where her dad has been this whole time. My father tried to explain by telling her, "He's by a big river. Daddy's saving Superman from the flood."

I love that.

The other thing- paired with the very exciting news that they will be coming home today- is a conversation Sky and I had via text message about his recent hair growth experiment:

Erika: You better shave before I see you.
Sky: Nope.
Erika: Yes!
Sky: Why?
Erika: It's sooooo groooooooosssss.
Sky: Lol, I know, it's amazing
Erika: That's not the word I would use.
Sky: But it's my floodstache.
Erika And there is no flood in Chambana.

I'll be glad when that boy is home...and shaves.


P.S. Hope all the milspouses had a lovely day yesterday. I'd love your vote for Circle of Moms!

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The Sometimes Single Mom said...

LOL the floodstache... what a way to put it LOL

Dr. Army Wife said...

haha what is it with guys and growing disgusting mustaches? Thankfully, my husband is pretty much incapable. I made him try to grow a beard on our honeymoon just to see and it was a patchy disaster :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yayyy! I'm so glad he's coming home/is home!

Beka said...

my favorite part:
there is no flood in chambana.
ha! hope he shaves asap. that might be gross to kiss, no? :P ;)

Nicole Marie said...

A couple of months ago my husband came home from a two week long training exercise and grew out a nice little stache, but he told me he would shave before he came home because I to find them disgusting. Well I had a horrible morning before I picked him up because my car was dead. So I was EXTREMELY frustrated when I finally arrived at the airport to pick him up. All I wanted was to hug him. But he shows up with a stache. I was so upset with him and because of my mood, I got pretty dramatic, unfortunately.

Hope your husband shaves his before he gets home. But I am glad he will be home soon :)

heart like mine said...
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heart like mine said...

hahah, floodstache--that made me laugh out loud!

saving superman...what an awesome way to put it.

i'm so glad to hear that sky is now home! <3

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