May 16, 2011

The Way You Looked Tonight

A good film is when the price of the dinner, 
the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.

We didn't get a photo of the two of us in all our dressed up splendor. But Sky and I had a lovely night last night. My dad watched Millie, and we went out on the town for a rare date night. It was misting a cold rain, and our winter jackets came out after wearing shorts just a couple days before, but it was still beautiful.

We went to a small but grand theater in town (one that Roger Ebert visits every year, by the way). It was built in 1921, and it's gorgeous. We were there for a showing of Rear Window, one of my favorite movies since it A, features Jimmy Stewart, B, also features Grace Kelly, and C, is an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

So we sat there, popcorn and Skittles in hand, squeezed closer together during the scary part, and had a lovely night. It's so nice to scale back my momness sometimes and focus on just feeling like a wife

Speaking of which, the ring made yet another appearance, but it was tucked away in his pocket and is still not on my hand. 

That man is trying to kill me. 
(New followers, you'll have to catch up on the history tab if this doesn't make sense!)

Unfortunately, they're restoring a beautiful marquee, so this shot is a little anti-climatic. 
Getting our tickets
We were nearly the first ones inside
Yea again!
Isn't it gorgeous?
Seats and legs
Sneak shot during movie
These shots all came out blurry due to the low lighting. Sad face.
We took a few anyway.
My stage pose after the show
I told Sky to hurry before we got in trouble for getting too close to the orchestra pit
The town at night
Downtown Main Street in Lovely Chambana


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Anonymous said...

chambana looks so purdy at night dont it? Just wish this rain would quit.. Looks like you guys had fun! :D

beka said...

1. gorgeous theater!
2. 5 freaking dollars? only 5?!?!?! that's a lovely steal!
3. love old movies, but i haven't seen that one. we need to go on another old movie kick. :)
4. i would sooo be telling whoever it was to hurry up; i'm the person who doesn't want to get in trouble for any small reason by getting too close to certain property. lol.

Kerry said...

Chambana looks really lovely! I was impressed by your photos even with the rain :)

Kaylee said...

Date nights are the best! Glad you got to get out and have one! Loving the photos! Oh, before I forget - it clicked the other day why Chambana sounds SO familiar. I totally have family that lives in the area and we attended a wedding that was there! Crazy!

Dolli-Mama said...

This post made me homesick.

Rachel said...

Glad you had such a beautiful night!

Mrs.B said...

Looks like you had a well deserved nice night, and you looked gorgeous! Love that dress.

Nicole Marie said...

Oh my GOSH! What a beautiful little town. The theater is gorgeous. What a treat!! I too love that movie. I am so glad you two got a chance to hand in the mommy and daddy title for a bit and focus of strengthening that wifey and hubby title.

I do not know the ring story. I will now have to check it out :)

heart like mine said...

ahh, i love EVERYTHING about this post. old movies, old theater, date night on the town...

agh, every woman needs a little romance in her life and it sounds like this night provided a bit of that. :)

loooove all the pictures of you two. and the ones of you sitting near the stage are gorgeous--you look so beautiful. <3

p.s. my goodness, i hope you get the ring soon! :D

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