June 26, 2011

Drill Sergeant

Tonight, I am keeping it short. I'm still happy that this guy is home again:

And he has a very important PT test in a couple weeks, so I am playing drill sergeant for a while. As in, "GET UP AND RUN, BOY!" So while he begins his daily running, I have promised to get up early and make some coffee and orange rolls (quite possibly the best breakfast food of all time). Wish him luck!

I'll be back blogging real posts tomorrow-ish. Promise.


5 kind comments from you:

Kaylee said...

I must say this made me smile! Oh, and orange rolls sound delicious!!!

annoyed army wife said...

Oh, good luck with the running. You should take OccDoc with you. He needs to not fail his next little test and it ain't looking good. Oh well, if he's not concerned, I'm not concerned...yet.

beka said...

waking up early to make coffee and orange rolls.
too sweet.
i bet you're a great drill sergeant. ;)

Paulena B. said...

Best of luck! I have been playing drill Sgt. for a few days now. Hope you get a better reaction from it then I have been. (He didn't respond too well to me hollering out, "Drop and gimme 20 soldier!")

____j said...

He's back! Yay! I know you're happy. I'm always so relieved when my husband comes home from a drill weekend or AT.

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