June 23, 2011

A Duet for Homecoming

It's getting to the point where I am thinking only about one thing, and that is Sky coming home. This is a soft, sweet song that makes me think of that, so that's what I'm linking up with Goodnight Moon today. Well, that, and Ray LaMontange is awesomesauce.

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Duet lyrics by Rachel Yamagata and Ray LaMontange

Oh Lover, hold on 
'till I come back again 
For these arms are growin' tired, 
And my tales are wearing thin 

If you're patient I will surprise, 
When you wake up i'll have come 

All the anger will settle down 
And we'll go do all the things we should have done 

Yes I remember what we said 
As we lay down to bed 
I'll be here if you will only come back home 

Oh lover, i'm lost 
Because the road i've chosen beckens me away 

Oh lover, don't you rome 
Now i'm fighting words I never thought i'd say 

But I remember what we said 
As we lay down to bed 
I'll forgive you oh 
If you just come back home 

Hmmm mmmm 
Hmmmm mmmm 

Oh lover, I'm old 
You'll be out there and be thinking just of me 

And I will find you down the road 
And will return back home to where we're meant to be 

'cause I remember what we said 
As we lay down to bed 
We'll be back soon as we make history.


11 kind comments from you:

Mrs. H said...

Again, you astound me with an INCREDIBLE song.
How beautiful it truly is :)

I love homecomings :) Can't wait till Sky's home!

Anonymous said...

Oh... what a gorgeous song! Homecoming's are the best feeling in the world and I can't wait for him to be back with you!

Sierra said...

This is a wonderful song. Beautiful! I hope the homecoming and reunion is just what you want it to be.

Thanks for sharing!

Amanda C. said...

This is really pretty!!!!

Mrs.Grimm said...

This song is amazing! I've never heard it before! I am totally adding it to my deployment playlist! I'm so glad he is coming home soon! enjoy every second!

Nicole Marie said...

<3 YAY for Sky coming home soon!!

Also, is it weird that every time I see you post I say out loud "Chumbawamba!"? HAHA. Chambana... Chumbawamba. It's close. It's like my little nickname for you now. :)

Kelsey said...

Beautiful song ♥
Congrats on his homecoming!!! :)

Consider The Lilies said...

pretty song.. im glad sky is almost home to you!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!

Olivia said...

New follower here via Homefront United Network... He's coming home!!! Yay!!! My stomach got butterflies when I read that.... Amazing feeling, isn't it? So happy for you guys... Enjoy every minute!!! :) - OliviaBlueMusic.com

beka said...

i opened your post link and was finishing up something else, and this song starts by itself.....totally surprising me.
it's SO lovely.

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