June 17, 2011


"I should never be left alone with my mind for too long."
— Libba Bray

Dear Sky,
I don't know how I found it. That's not the point anyway. But I read an article and felt an sudden, overwhelming urge to try it out. Maybe it was just boredom, or maybe it's a sign of a fragile mind.

The reason you had to call twice before I answered last night is this: I was in the shower with an egg in my hair. (Actually, egg yolk + olive oil + sugar + milk.) It was supposed to make me beautiful somehow.

Instead, I felt so oily and disgusting that I had to shampoo my hair three times afterwards. Why on earth did I think this was a good idea?

You've only been gone a week, and I'm putting food in my hair. I am opening the refrigerator door for something cold and wet to drip down my neck, instead of looking for something to eat. This is what I'm reduced to when you're not here.

Please come home soon,

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K L @ The New "Normal" said...

It's amazing what "deployment brain" will do to us. I've had to start writing lists to remind me of daily things that need to be done - including "feed cat". Glad you found me on the roundup - it's always good to mett other NG spouses to share in this crazy life!

beka said...

okay, i *had* to laugh.
you don't mind, do you?
my sister tried eggs in her hair about 11 yrs ago--when she was 13. but that's beside the point.
one time i tried olive oil (just a tiny bit, mostly on the ends).....uh.
took quite a bit of shampoo, and i still felt oily-haired the whole day. blech.

annoyed army wife said...

LOL! My friends and I used to put egg in our hair (and faces) all the time. I never really noticed a difference. Oh the things we do when our husbands aren't around. :)

Anonymous said...

One of the WORST things I ever did was pick up a book of natural beauty treatments. What the Yuck was I thinking?!?

Dani said...

I did that once as well- sorry it didn't work out for you! I hope your husband hurries back soon.

jamila said...

Haha this made me laugh! I tried eggs in my hair too, but it feels icky and I didn't notice a difference. Mayonnaise on the other hand... it makes your hair so shiny, IF you can bear the smell.

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