July 10, 2011

First Fourth

Our 4th of July was not very eventful this year. 

But it was Millie's first 4th. And as you can see, the girl lived it up.






Last year, I felt her kicking my belly in response to the fireworks. It's amazing how time flies.

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MrsMcDancer said...

She is so adorable! Love her outfit. Glad you had a happy 4th :-)

Kaylee said...

I love her little jelly sandals!

beka said...

her face, i tell you. that first picture makes me smile.
[all the pictures do.]

doesn't it stink how fast time flies?!?! i don't even have a kid yet and i see it all around me. :\

Julia said...

Gosh Erika... She is so stinking cute! Adorable little "toothy" grin with her lil' nose all wrinkled up! Does it get any sweeter than that!?! Thank you for sharing Ms. Millie's 4th with us. :) Big Hugs sweet mama! ~ Julia

annoyed army wife said...

Cute! Love the photos.

Alana said...

Aww! Your photos of Millie always make my uterus ache. :) Crazy that this time last year you hadn't even met her yet!

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