September 9, 2011

A Vintch Guest

Today, I'm posting over at Vintch, one of my favorite-est blogs!
Courtney is an amazing, publish-worthy wordsmith, 
and I'm thrilled and honored to share with her readers the smallest thing that makes me smile. 
(Can you guess what it is?)
It's a part of her ongoing  lovely Microscopic Heart series.

So please check out my guest post,  leave some comment love,
and then spend hours catching up on the rest of her beautiful blog. 

3 kind comments from you:

Thisisme. said...

Millie is absolutely beautiful and, as I said over on vintch's blog, I'm sure that she is such a blessing in your lives! Heartwarming little post.

Mama Michelle said...

Followed you from the blog hop!

beka said...

going to check it out... :)

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