October 22, 2011

Shutterfly for Christmas

I wrote about it last year, but I'm so excited to write about it again this year: Shutterfly's Christmas cards!

Last year was Millie's first Christmas, and because we didn't send out formal birth announcements, this was her pictorial debut. My family loved the cards almost as much as I did. We enlisted the help of the local mall Santa Claus (which I believe should happen at least once in everyone's childhood), and paired the photo with a simple snowflake Christmas tree card. We even saved a couple, one of which hangs on my refrigerator all year around.

The hardest part about it was picking which card I wanted to use- the possibilities were overwhelming. They have a gorgeous collection this year, too. They also have a lot of cute photo gifts- I've wanted a canvas print of Millie for-ev-er!

I think my favorites would have to be this vintage print (because it reminds me of the It's a Wonderful Life movie poster- my favorite movie) and this wreath monogram style (I love monograms- so classic!).

I had an easy, user-friendly experience with them last year, and look forward to making new cards this year. Now if only I can get someone to take our family picture...

(I was one of many lucky bloggers given 25 free Shutterfly Christmas cards in writing a post. I can't wait to make them!)

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I LOVE everything about that card!

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