November 26, 2011

Chambanachik's Christmas Giveaways

Monday, November 28
marks the beginning of my huge Christmas giveaway series.
I'll be hosting 16 days of gifts!
There will be a new giveaway posted every morning,
including Saturdays and Sundays.

If contests aren't your thing, don't worry- 
throughout the giveaways, I'll still be blogging occasionally as the mood strikes. 
But if giveaways are your thing, you'll be on cloud 9.

There will be handmade items. 
There will be fun things from my sponsors. 
There will be Etsy findings, one of a kind gifts, and gift certificates. 

My goal in this was to promote some of my favorite bloggers and their budding talents, 
and also, of course, to have fun. 
I believe you shouldn't have to have a shop to promote your blog, 
and you shouldn't have to have a blog to promote your shop.
This is a way to give some exposure to some awesome shops and some amazing ladies.
And they are sponsoring these next several days
just to bring all of you a little Christmas cheer.

I have a slight obsession with wrapping gifts-
so much so that I get just as excited about giving them as I do getting them.
I won't reveal all the fun things coming your way, because you can't open presents early!
I just wanted to say that this project has been a lot of work,
but I've gotten so much joy out of it,
I feel like I'm tearing open the wrapping paper too.

So grab the button below, 
stay tuned to the Christmas Giveaways tab for the full list
of giveaways and winners, 
and may your days be 

merry & bright
Christmas Giveaways

*I was not compensated for any of these giveaways. It's something fun I wanted to do for YOU!

13 kind comments from you:

Mel said...

What a great project! Kudos to you for putting the whole thing together! I can't wait to see all the goodies.

Anonymous said...

Love giveaways.. this is my fav time of year.. Hope your turkey day was good. heard we were supposed to get snow in chambana this weekend!

Skinnie Piggie said...

How exciting! =)

Taylor said...

Can't wait!

Thisisme. said...

This all sounds very exciting, and well done you on putting it all together for everybody. I will put the badge on my blog. Good luck with it all!

Thisisme. said...

Aaaw, I've just seen that the giveaways are for U.S. Bloggers only!

The New "Normal" said...

I can't wait!!!

Corissa Marie said...

Awesome!! I can't wait!!!

Chantal said...

I can't wait! I love giveaways!

annoyed army wife said...

Super excited!

Jane said...

Yay! This will be so much fun! :)

Divapalooza said...

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Looks like you are ready for Christmas! FUN Times! :]

Dani said...

So excited! Can't wait to see what is up for grabs :)

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