November 14, 2011

Millie's Room

Lately, lots of bloggers have been giving virtual house tours. While I like the idea, we don't really live in a a blog-worthy house, but in a smaller apartment. Most of the place isn't very exciting, and has an overdose of the color green in my opinion. (Sky and I now jokingly bring up buying more green things, and then moan in agony.)

But when Millie told me she'd like to do a post showing her favorite room in the house, I had to oblige. It's my favorite room, too. Kind of quirky, mismatched, and nothing fancy, but it breaths of her and that makes me love it.
Her dresser- my old dresser, painted blue by a 12 year old me.
Framed photos, Amelia Bedeila books, etc.
Changing table/shoe wardrobe
She sneaks in to play with her shoes quite often.
Our glider rocker. Bought at a garage sale for next to nothing,
I polished it up and Sky recovered it in this clearance rack fabric. 
Her crib.
The monkey she snuggles with at bedtime.
More framed photos, and part of the banner from her birthday.
A growth chart. I'm glad she recognizes Elmo more from this than from watching TV.
Laundry hamper, inherited vanity, and shelves.
The A above her crib. She points at it almost every morning.
Her memo boards. I ripped this from a magazine and pinned it up for her to remember.
A gift from my mom
One of many places her books are kept. I liked the way it matched the rocker.
That's all Millie has for you today!


And now, it's time for bed. 


15 kind comments from you:

Mrs. Wookie said...

OMG - if that fabric was clearance, AND it matches the inside of the book holder...that's meant to be!! I love her room. I hate when people go bat-shit crazy overboard because it's their child, "they deserve everything"...blah blah. Kids just need a cute room with personal touches and you do just that!!!

Fran said...

Aw, the room is so cute! it kind of reminds me of my room growing up, nothing fancy but cozy for sure :)

Goodnight moon said...

Love it!!!!! Millie is so stinkin cute! Love her little monkey saying hi to all of us! And I absolutely LOVE her wardobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paulena B. said...

How adorable! I love it! Her room is PERFECT! I love all the chic mismatch. That is the most in style nursery I have seen in years!

Brianna said...

What a lucky little girl! That room is ca-uuute! :)

Kaylee said...

Cute cute!!! I love that you have so many books - it looks a lot like our collection!!!

The New "Normal" said...

Such a sweet room! I love things and furniture that are passed down from family. My dresser is a green color that my mom painted when she was a girl - the color is awful but I can't stand the thought of repainting it!
Love all of her books and the cute monkey! She's a very blessed little girl!

Ashley said...

Such a cute room! I would need 50 of those book things to hold all of Emma's mom and I have kind of gone overboard! LOL! I actually love her blue dresser and the rocker is super cute!

P.S. What little girl doesn't have a proper shoe wardrobe! We're just bringing them up right, you know :)

greaterexp said...

The only way it could be improved upon is to have a complete set of Dickens in it, and I think you have time to work on that! Her room is so sweet and "Millie-ish." I think it's a perfect room for a tour - it's home!

Chantal said...

Looks like a very nice room!

Skinnie Piggie said...

The coolest thing about it is that it can grow with her... you didn't go overtly "baby!"

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

Amelia Bedelia was my absolute favorite as a little girl!!!! :)

vintch said...

oh it's just the most darling thing ever! i can see why it's her favorite room in the house--i love how you have a story and memory for almost everything in that room--she can just look around her and see the LOVE that (literally) surrounds her. so pretty, erika!

beka said...

i love her little friends...and that rocker! totally awesome that you guys recovered it like that:)

Christine said...

So sweet! That's what my little guy's room looks like too, lots of mismatched stuff but somehow still oh so him. :)

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