December 22, 2011

Merry & Bright

(Somehow, this outfit [and this outfit alone, I might add] fit her both last Christmas and this Christmas. We have decided she'll being wearing it in every holiday photo for the rest of her life.)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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annoyed army wife said...

It is certainly a cute outfit. You should try to incorporate it in future photos even when, gasp, she grows out of it. That might be a fun family tradition. Beautiful photos as always.

Chantal said...

Nice photo!

Mrs.B said...

That is a very cute outfit.

Love the Christmas card!

beka said...

hah, wow! both years? that's sweet:)
love the pictures, my dear:)

Fran said...

Cute cards! and that's awesome about her outfit hehe

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

HAHAH! Those photos will get more interesting as the years progress! :)

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