January 11, 2012

Angels Among Us

It was Monday. The doorbell rang, and I opened it to see our mailman pushing two large boxes towards the doorway. "Be careful," he said, "That bottom one is heavy!"

I opened them while Millie stood nearby. I pulled out one little girl's outfit after another after another. Millie excitedly pointed to them, saying, "Flower!", and lit up even more once she saw the shoes. Also inside, a gorgeous handmade dress made just for her, and a card for our second wedding anniversary next week.

Another box came to my house the week before. Inside was a huge stack of cloth diapers- only gently worn and missing a few buttons here and there, but perfect nonetheless. They're easier to use than the diapers she had been wearing, and we're not afraid for her to wear them while we're out running errands or when she takes naps during the day. They're wonderful!

Two bloggers-both whom you likely read, if you're reading my blog- sent these to me. Two girls who have never come over to my house, never met Millie, and have likely never been to Chambana, did something for my family that only family usually does. I honestly feel like I've gained a couple honorary sisters. It is such a humbling, incredible blessing. How do you express to someone how much you appreciate their generosity and sweetness?

There's a verse in the Bible reminding us to be kind to strangers, because we may unknowingly be in the presence of angels.

Sometimes, though, I think we already know.

To Kris and Bonnie, from Millie, Sky, and myself- thank you.

9 kind comments from you:

Kaylee said...

I might have teared up. Oh for being an emotional woman right now! And I love that Millie and L are matching now :) Makes me wish we could meet up and get a picture together!

Bonnie said...

You are very welcome :) PS, that pink horses diaper is *amazing* for overnight ;)

Ashley said...

So glad your heart was blessed this week :)

ginanorma said...

I believe there , we know there are, angels among us, WOW how beautiful to receive such a gift!!! Those diapers are adorable(can diapers be adorable?)

Brianna said...

It is so wonderful to know the depths that some people will go to help another in need. It's reassurance their still are amazing people out there in the world. And that dress is absolutely adorable on her! :)

beka said...

that is beyond sweet!
gosh. made me tear up.

those diapers look both cute and useful --ah, what modern day has done [in good ways] to plain old useful things! ;)

vintch said...

oh my gracious, the kindness! i love outpourings of love like this, and you, my sweet, kind and compassionate friend, most certainly deserve it:)

lindsay said...

what a blessing...what a beautiful verse.

The New "Normal" said...

Friends are family in my book... :)
Millie looks adorable in the dress, my mom was thrilled to see the pics too!

Love the Bible verse, always a good one.

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