January 8, 2012

The Annoyed Army Wife Visits Chambana


The day started with the alarm ringing on my phone. I shut it off groggily, and then remembered- today's the day I'm meeting The Annoyed Army Wife! I bit my nails and thought about what to wear. It felt vaguely like a first date.

It got worse when I opened my closet doors. I found myself thinking, "What would chambanachik wear?" "Oh Lord," I said out loud to myself. After rolling my eyes at myself, I pulled out a sweater and got ready for the day.

I heard a knock at the door, and there she was! It was funny seeing someone who had been a picture and words on a screen turn into someone in 'real life'. My dad had picked Millie up earlier, so A.A.W. and I decided to head out for lunch.

We picked a great Mexican place in town that she used to frequent- she just happened to live here for a couple years during school, in case you didn't know! We walked in and saw a long table full of soldiers. It seemed fitting.

After that, we headed downtown to a place called the Walnut Street Tea Company- a tiny shop full of hundreds of teas, chocolates, and coffee. Because she's lived here, she knew a lot of the fun spots to visit, so I didn't even have to play tour guide. Walnut Street just so happens to be one of my favorite shops in the world.

We wandered around the area, snapping a few pictures, and then walked through campus and the quad. A couple older ladies tried desperately to convert us to something, but they were relived to hear we both believed in God. We ended the walk at the Alma Mater, where I get a couple more photos.

After we got back to the apartment, A.A.W. was able to meet Millie and and play for a few minutes. I think Millie was grateful to have another person reading to her!

As I told her, I don't really leave the house to do anything other than grocery shop anymore. It was so nice to hang out with someone my own age! There isn't a lot of introduction to be done, because, as bloggers, we tend to know more about each other than many of our 'real life' friends. Plus, it's The Annoyed Army Wife- it doesn't get better than that!

(P.S. Read her post about the day here.)

At the Mexican restaurant!

Shopping for tea
I won't share all the photos from the day, but isn't she sickeningly photogenic?
In downtown Champaign
On the U of I Quad
The Alma Mater
Millie's pretty excited!
A quick story

15 kind comments from you:

Dani said...

Aww fun! We still need to figure out a meet up now that I'm back in town and not crazy busy :)

Ashley said...

How fun! It is amazing how we are brought together through blogging!

Jane said...

It looks like you both had so much fun! This makes me want to get out and go poking around some cool shops. I need to figure out where cool shops are first though... hmmm...

Kaylee said...

I love this! So glad you got to meet up with A.A.W! Looks like you guys had a great time. I am much like you - I stay at home, except to run errands, so to get out is so exciting for me too! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Jamie said...

How fun to meet a blogger friend. Glad you guys had fun!

The New "Normal" said...

How fun! I would love to meet my blogging friends! Glad that you guys had a nice visit!

This American Wife said...

I love Millie's face in the last picture! She looks like she's completely in awe of AAW, which we all are! How much fun to get to meet in person!

Clearbluewater3 said...

How exciting! Also the Alma Statue a little creepy? And the 2nd to last picture of Millie she looks so much like Sky! I usually think she favors you but you can see him so much in the photo maybe its the androgynous wardrobe?

Mrs.B said...

How exciting!! That is so cool!! And of course, Millie is absolutely adorable.

Chantal said...

It's so fun meeting other bloggers!

beka said...

walnut street sounds downright AMAZING, and that day looks so great!! so exciting --you got to spend the day with a lovely blogger! sweet!

Julie @ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life said...

Sounds like such a fun day together! I always get so nervous before I meet another blogger.

Deanna said...

That is so awesome for a real live in person chat! lol. (-:

Alana said...

So glad y'all got to meet! I'm still jealous, but happy for you! ;)

annoyed army wife said...

This was DEFINITELY the high point of my trip! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had so much fun meeting you and Millie and won't soon forget the kindness you've shown me. It was good to finally see your face in person, Friend.

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