January 5, 2012

I Need a Stylist


Once upon a time, I was young, single, and spent money at salons to be a blonde.
Apparently, I liked taking Myspace-y photos of myself, too.
To be honest, I really, really liked this color on me, but it's definitely not a DIY thing.


After a while, I started dying my hair at home. The red tints in my hair began to show through.


Then I dyed my hair a weird shade of brown in an attempt to get back to my natural color. It wasn't a good look- can you say washed out? (Also, forgive the pregnancy pudge there.)


And finally, this is what I look like right now. I actually dye my hair an ash blonde shade,
but there is so much golden-red in my hair, it comes out like this.  I'm wanting a change.
I'd like a cut eventually, but a box of $3 color every several weeks is much cheaper to maintain.

I decided to get on a few websites and play around with their colors.
These are a few I came up with- so I need your help.
Sky doesn't give much input in this area.
(Okay, to be fair, I told him twins of me walked up to him, one with brown hair and one with blonde,
and he was forced to date one. His response was, "Which one of them likes England?" Sigh.)
Also, some people can pull off red or platinum, but I am definitely not one of those people so those are off limits.

Which numbers do you think would be the most flattering on a pale girl like me? I need girl advice!
1. Ahhhh! This was a joke. I look like a weird version of Christina Aguilera.
9- Red. Ick.

27 kind comments from you:

Bonnie said...

I like the Clarol dark lasting blonde!

Anonymous said...

I like number 8 :)

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I like #4 and #7!

ginanorma said...

You totally crack me UP!!! I'm over here LOLing!!!

So I'm confused, what did you end up with?!

Love the chestnutty color..

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Of course, I love how your hair is now (but that's always the way!!).
Okay ... NOT blonde :)
Anything from 4 to 8 - but if you put #8 in your hair I'm sure it would look waaay darker than that!
(I do now go to a salon, but in the past I've dyed my own hair red, black (like solid black-black), bleached it ...).

If you do it every few weeks, you could try a shade a little darker than what you are now, and if you don't think that's enough, go the next darker next time and so on.

Check me out, playing it safe!!

Snoopy's Sweetheart said...

Cute! I like the Medium Ash Brown and the Light Cool Brown. :)

Sue said...

#3 is my favorite color but it was hard to choose! I love the length though, don't cut it too much! Although I'm not one to talk since I regularly take 8-10 inches off my hair when it gets too long :)

Erinn said...

I like 4 the best!

Jen said...

four is my fav, too

Taylor said...

I like numbers 3 and 5!

greaterexp said...

I like pictures 3-7 better than the others. I think the 5 and 6 are gorgeous on you! You're so beautiful,any way you picture yourself!

Mrs.B said...

I like number 4!!
The first and last time I ever used box color
my hair turned neon orange.. then.. as me and my best friend were running across the street to a lady that did hair my friend bent over in front of me and I flipped over her and sprained my ankle. I had to use crutches and couldn't get my hair fixed until the next day. Mind you, the next day, was my first day of my Junior year in High School. There I was, orange hair and crutches.

It was quite the sight.. I need to see if any of my friends have the picture of me that we took.

Chantal said...

I'm not sure which I like the best, they all have a certain charm. Good luck :D

Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife said...

I think three is my favorite.

Reccewife said...

I like 7 :)

beka said...

i love those more brown tones on you! but some of the dark blondes look really good too.
you could rock it either way you go :)

beka said...

likes known as 2, 6 and 7

Ashley said...

I like number 1! :D

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

I like 5 & 6. But I think they compliment your skin the best.

Anonymous said...

I like 3 and 4 the best! Be careful using anything that is a golden color. I too use box (so much cheaper :)) and I have red hues in my hair. Anytime I use any color with the word golden in it I turn very red or orange depending on if I used a brown or blonde. Oh man the horror I have endured coloring my hair myself LOL I finally settled with using garnier extra light ash blonde. I have had pretty good luck with it :)

Renee said...

3 or 4!!

Fran said...

I really like the Natural Instincts 35 Ebony! :)

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Ok, so I haven't worked in a few years but before being a SAHM I was a hair stylist. And, I still keep up with the industry. If you tend to pull red, then you want to stick with something that's neutral or ashy. It looks as if you're still going to pull fairly red even w/an ash toned color, since that's what you said you were already using. Correct? If you REALLY want to get away from the red tones and go back to a nice blonde, go to a professional. Maybe call around and try to find someone who's willing to work with you so that you don't have to come in super often. If you want more ideas on how to make that work.. prolonging it, just let me know. I don't want to hijack your comments section. :)

____j said...

I like the ebony mocha!

Paulena B. said...

4. i really like number 4 :)

Sarah said...

I like number 4! But the color your hair is now is pretty too!:)

Nicole Marie said...

love 7 and 8!

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