February 28, 2012


Head in the Game. Heart in the Sand

Today, I'm guest blogging for Mel at Head in the Game. Heart in the Sand.
She's busy setting up house with her husband!

So click over, browse through her awesome blog,
and read my post all about The Cute Blogger.
(Obviously, not a autobiographical post!)
Comment love appreciated, as always!

8 kind comments from you:

Mel said...

Yes! Thank you for guesting for me today - it means the world to me!

Kaylee said...

I'm excited to go read it :)

Mommy McD said...

Great post. It's a good thing to remember, that reality.

beka said...

sweet! going to go read.... :)

beka said...

ohmyword, i loved it, erika. you said it so well. love the perspective.

Michelle said...


I fall captive to blogger envy as well. But then I have to remind myself, what really happens behind the pictures? Behind the words? No one's life is *that* perfect.

I MUCH prefer your honesty and vulnerability. It's REAL LIFE. Your writing is such an inspiration to me. And either way, I have no doubt you could rock mustard yellow and nerd glasses :)

annoyed army wife said...

Two of my favorite bloggers together!

And Michelle is right mustard yellow would be pretty sweet on you. ;)

charla beth said...

i LOVED that post. your honesty just hit me right square in the heart. i have a tendency to wish my life away so often, but when all is said and done, it's the most beautiful thing i have. thanks for the reminder<3

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