March 7, 2012

New Shoes for Old Women


I don't remember my parents buying new clothes. I'm sure they must have at some point during all the years we lived under the same roof, but it would seem to be rare. Recently, I was helping my dad sort through some  musty boxes tucked away in his attack, and found all the shirts I remember him wearing when I was little. I remember the plaid, the stripes, and the old firehouse logos on his navy blue firefighter uniform tees. He was still holding on to them in case they fit again, I suppose.

As a kid, I chalked it up to the fact that my parents wore the same things because they were just that- parents, which equaled terribly old, which equaled terribly out of touch with anything fashionable. I assumed once they reached 30, life basically ended, and with it, their sense of style. It never really occurred to me that my mom or dad would want a particular pair of shoes or a new top. Of course, when you're that small, you believe the world centers mostly around you, a little around your siblings, and not at all around your parents other than their role to care for you.

The funny thing is, in many ways, it must have- it certainly does with Millie. Money is tight, and so it usually goes to something she needs. She gets a new pair of jeans when the pairs she has get too short. She gets new shoes as she outgrows old ones. And she even gets a pretty bow or cute pair of tights on occasion- and really, it's a bit selfish of me when she does, because in many ways, it's better than when I get something for myself. Dressing her up in new clothes is exciting. It's not that we (or any other parents) feel as if there's some big sacrifice involved- her happiness makes us happy. (And, yeah, her cuteness makes us melt..)

But after looking at my worn pair of charcoal grey Chucks and realizing I'd been wearing them since before I even met Sky, I decided it was time for something new- for me. Armed with coupons on top of sale prices, Sky and I went to the shoe store and each walked out with boxes. The rarity that is parents shopping for themselves had just taken place.

And even though I'm not a bit more cool or even a little less old, I propped up my feet this afternoon and felt pretty content. Shoe shopping can do that to a girl.

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Sue said...

I remember the same thing when I was little. My mom never bought herself anything new (that I noticed) but when I grew up I realized that was actually the case. She never buys herself anything new and wears her clothes to the bone. She just doesn't see a reason to buy herself new clothes when there are so many other things that she could be doing. I'm glad you got yourself some new shoes though. Shoe shopping always brightens my day!

Dani said...

Yay! Glad you got a pair of Sperrys! I L-O-V-E mine, they are so comfortable and the perfect summer shoe :)

Mel said...

I LOVE those Sperry's! So cute! And you totally deserve something new for yourself once in awhile - Millie will see that you take time to love on yourselves as parents as well as dote on her. Both are valuable lessons!

The New "Normal" said...

Love the shoes!! I have been wanting a pair so bad lately, I may just have to cave...most of my shoes are at least 5 years old (and looking pretty bad!).
I don't remember my parents buying anything for herself either, and they still don't. But I'm the same way now, if I have extra money to buy something, it goes to the kids. I would much rather them have something than myself. And you're right, their cuteness does melt your heart!
But maybe, just maybe, it's time for a cute new pair of shoes for me ;)

Sam said...

I totally need a new pair of sperry's...I have had mine for oh, SIX years. Also, although my sister and myself are both adults, my mom still will not spend money on herself...she is always, always thinking about where else the money can go. I wish she would spoil herself sometimes!

Rachel said...

you won item no. 4 in my giveaway! can you send me your address, beautiful lady?

Mrs.B said...

Love The Sperry's!

ginanorma said...

So hon are those your new ones? SUPER CUTE!
I love the story you shared about your parents, and your childhood, you are SUCH a good writer!!!

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