April 17, 2012

Angry Face


They spelled Millie wrong in the borrowed library book, but they hit the nail on the head with the concept.

Millie does make angry faces. A few weeks ago, we had our first real taste of the terrible twos- and it was terrible. Up until that point, most grumpiness or upset moments could be easily explained away due to tiredness, hunger, or not feeling well. It was strange seeing my baby turn into a moody teenager. It lasted a whole week, and by the end of it, we were both in bad moods.

I really had a hard time accepting that my child was capable of throwing a fit. Hadn't I taught her better than that? There are certain things that instantly snap a mother into "I'm a horrible parent" mode, and this is apparently one of them. It's a hard lesson to learn that no matter what I teach her, there are going to be some things she'll have to go through and figure out on her own. I know that will carry into adulthood, because my parents have had to do the same with me.


But the kid's all right. We made it through that bad week, and though she's had her moments, it seems we aren't officially in terrible two territory yet. I understand now why some mothers stretch out the time ("she's 21 and a half months old") as long as they can. 

She's still little, and she'll always be my baby. Despite an angry face now and then, Millie still has plenty of smiles. And her smiles are silly and bright. 

They always end up spreading to my own face.


5 kind comments from you:

Fran said...

I'm glad the terrible twos are there just yet! And she does have a lovely smile :)

Kaylee said...

Oh the "terrible two's" - even my sweet little Ezzy boy has been throwing tantrums lately, and boy oh boy, are you right...they make me feel like such a terrible mama. Did you build a fort? So fun!

beka said...

LOVE that little nose wrinkle in the last picture. :)

ash said...

she's adorable! i love her little face. and, we're in the same boat over here. with less than two months to go, we're seeing lots of angry faces. but thankfully, there are still smiles. i'm pretty sure they're god's grace to us mamas. :)

Chantal said...

Good luck with the terrible twos! I'm going to appreciate the fact that my little baby is only 4 months old and isn't throwing tantrums yet haha (Ok, except when she freaked out because we were clipping her nails!)

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