April 23, 2012

A Cup of Tea

Sky has been sick. He and Millie both have, actually. A week of coughing called for a trip to the doctor, and he confirmed it was bronchitis. Because he thought it was viral, the doctor could only recommend the usual rest and chicken soup.

That night, after one of Sky's coughing fits, I said, "I know you don't like hot chocolate or hot tea or anything, but something warm would probably make your throat feel a little better."

He half-smiled and said, "I like hot tea...I used to drink it a lot. I drank it all the time in Afghanistan." Going into villages and meeting with government officials there, he was often offered their food and drink. I hadn't thought about it before. I've never seen the boy drink a cup of hot tea before in my life.

So I made him a cup. It was lemon ginger with a couple spoonfuls of honey mixed in. I warned him that the ginger was a bit strong before placing the mug in his hands.

And it's funny. How we've been together this long and I didn't know.
And how it doesn't really matter.

But how it does.

I know him a little more now.

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The New Normal said...

It's funny how you can still learn new things about each other even after years of being together. There are still things I am learning after 10 years! I hope that they both feel better soon!

Chantal said...

I was surprised when Brandon asked me to send him some tea in Iraq. He loved it!

Kaylee said...

I love learning little things about Max. Sometimes, I feel like I know him so well, and other times, I realize that I have so much to get to know still! It's such a cool thing, actually - how much we are always learning about each other! Hope your little family feels better soon!

Kira said...

It is always interesting to learn new things about your husband after years of marriage. A while back, I learned that my husband drinks hot chocolate in the morning at work while everyone else has their mug of coffee. He is like a little kid!

Michelle said...

Beautiful. So funny the things we find out about our husbands in the most unusual ways. I hope they both start feeling better soon!

beka said...

so thoughtful and real and gosh do i love this post, erika:)

Taylor said...

My husband is extremely introverted and once in a blue moon, he opens up and tells me a bit more about himself. I have to be ready for it. Marriage is so hard but so good.

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