April 18, 2012

Frozen Jello-Dusted Grapes


Yesterday, I promised I would tell you about my newest love. Millie and I are addicted.

Frozen. Jello. Dusted. Grapes.
The end.

I feel like my parents didn't love me as much as they should have now, because I had never heard of frozen grapes before Pinterest. Apparently, it's something people do. They are amazing all by their lonesome, it turns out.

But then, by washing the grapes, and pouring a package of Jello mix on them? Heaven. This time, I used green grapes and lime flavored Jello, but I would think any frozen seedless grapes with any flavor of Jello would be delicious.

I already know I'll be making them all summer long.

The Official "Recipe"

1. Wash a bag of grapes.
2. Throw them into a gladware container or freezer bag, and pour the Jello mix over them.
3. Seal it up, shake it to coat all the grapes.
4. Pop it in the freezer, wait impatiently, and be amazed.


10 kind comments from you:

annoyed army wife said...

Okay, frozen grapes are an old stand-by for me, but this looks absolutely fabulous!

The New Normal said...

I've been living in the dark too, because I have never thought of freezing grapes! This is one I will definitely be trying!

Chantal said...

I want these! I should make this next shopping trip!

Kaylee said...

I had frozen grapes a lot in elementary school and I always forget about them! These sound awesome - I think we are going to have to try this soon!!! I think my babes would think they were amazing :)

beka said...

hahahha...you made me laugh with the "parents didn't love me enough" part. :)
it's been forever since i've even had frozen grapes. mmmm, i love them.

Fran said...

Apparently my mom didn't love me enough either! This sounds freakin' delicious, SO going to try it haha

Karen said...

I freeze grapes all the time!! But I've never tried them with jello... that sounds amazing.

Megan said...

..and when the kids aren't around grapes are delicious when frozen in vodka overnight and then sprinkled with sugar. Mmmmm.

Taylor said...

I grew up with frozen grapes but can't wait to try them with jello!

Elizabeth said...

YUM!!!! So excited to give these a try!

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