April 28, 2012

My Military Child


April is the "month of the military child". But right now, Millie's far too young to realize that she is one, or to even know the difference between daddy going to work and daddy leaving for duty.

Someday, she'll understand more. She'll have quite a few pictures to look back on, too.











The two of us have made it through weekends away from him, several weeks in a row, and it's likely we'll go through a deployment, too. She's a strong girl, and I know that we'll get through it all just fine. 

I also know she'll grow to be just as proud of her father as I am.

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Erinn said...

She'll always have these pictures to look back on. It's really special that you document a lot through photography.
And those cheeks! I can't say enough how cute she is :)

Sue said...

I love these pics, so sweet! The joy of the military children is being proud of what their daddy does!

Chantal said...

Love the photos!

Cindy said...

So cute! I need to pull up photos of my kids to put up...maybe today.

Michelle said...

How sweet!! That picture of her in the grass with the flag is too much.

Fran said...

I love all of these pics, per usual. haha - she'll have some wonderful memories to look back on :)

vintch said...

oh such sweet pictures. she'll look back on those and smile, i am certain. you're such a good mama (and wife) for documenting those precious moments:)

beka said...

the second photo in the line up .....melts my heart. oh dear.

Reading Rambo said...

Dude, did I mention how Maddow did a whole sidebar in her talk about why the Guard and Reserves have to be called up for all wars now, and therefore are overseas way, way more than they used to be and should be respected as soldiers? I was thinking of you and some of the issues you've talked about.

ginanorma said...

what a beautiful little journal of pics there erika of her! wow what a gift that will be for her as she gets older...she will appreciate it one day big time!

her next to those boots is so heart warming !


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I absolutely adore these pictures!

Amanda said...

These pics are all so amazing. She is strong like her momma.. and y'all can get through anything the military throws your way.

Jamie said...

Great post. She is too cute!

The New Normal said...

What sweet photos! She will love having all those to look back on, and I know you do too! :)

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