June 21, 2012

MJ and the (Snow)Bear

Today, I'm happy to bring you not only a great guest blogger, but one of this blog's sponsor's- Miss Melissa Jaine. I'm happy to have 'met' her in blogland even though she's on the other side of the world in Australia. She's one of the most creative people I've ever seen, and is always cooking up a new project or lovely artwork. Make sure you check out her blogs and shop! And now, here's a post all about the little one in her life...

Hello Chiky readers! I'm Melissa Jaine and I've been blogging (and interviewing some of you :) over at MelissaJaine.com, which I'm slowly morphing into a personal blog. I've just launched MJ.HOMEBODY to fulfil my homebody-ish finds and house my art designs. I'd love you to kick off your shoes, get comfy and come over and let me know what you think.

Today I thought I would share a story about someone who, although I photograph a lot, haven't really talked about much.

Like most future parents I had dreamed of having a little one for quite a long time. What we'd do together, the adventures we'd have, how she or he would look at me adoringly, cuddling up to me on the couch whilst we watched television together.

But the child I was dreaming of wasn't a human one - I believe the term of late is "furbaby". :)


Small, white, Scottish - thanks to the BBC series "Hamish Macbeth" I knew a Westie was the dog for me.
I remember bringing her home on a warm day in March, wrapped up in a towel, she was slightly bigger than my hand. I had expected a boy and was happily surprised to be able to have a girl. Although not quite as surprised as when she ripped up all the carpet in the hallway, destroyed half my CD collection, got into a fight with a blue-tongued lizard and managed to trudge mud everywhere.


Two stubborn, independent women with Scottish blood in the same house doesn't always equate to the close bond I had assumed would naturally occur. She likes to know where I am, but safe in that knowledge she will be out sleeping in another room. And whilst she's all over me when I arrive back from work, figuring I'm home for the night, she is soon off to do her own thing.

It's really only when I take her out and we are in the company of others that I learn how she adores me. Relies on me. Never letting me out of her sight. Not for one second.


Nine and half years on, and I wonder how much longer I'll have my wee Scottish bairn. Her walk is sometimes slow and achy - the beginnings of arthritis yet to be diagnosed. She lingers longer when I force myself on her for a hug, like she's enjoying it too.


I've been through a lot the past few years and she has been my one constant thing. She doesn't complain or argue. Maybe a roll of her eyes at some of my antics, but she sticks by me.

A biological human child is not on the cards for me. Maybe one day I'll be fortunate to be a stepmummy. But whatever happens in the future, I am so grateful that for all these years and still right now I have my furbaby. My own little girl.


(If you'd like to see more photos of Lexie, please visit her set on my flickr stream)

Thank you Erika! Big love to you xx

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