June 18, 2012

Redefining Beauty

Here's the thing. If you've read my last post,  you know how I've been feeling lately. Depression usually hits me in one of two ways; I either feel full to the brim with words, and they end up here, sloppy and full of artistic temperament (or so I imagine it), or I feel empty, without words. This time, it's the no words kind.

But instead of silence lingering on this blog while I sort through my thoughts, I wanted goodness. I read hundreds- yes hundreds- of blogs, and I went to the girls who will be posting for a reason- they are beautiful souls, have wisdom beyond their years, and reading their blogs always leaves me full of comfort, faith, and gladness that they are in my life. So as I take a little break, enjoy posts from some of my most favorite writers/photographers. I can't wait for you to meet them if you don't know them already.


Hello Chambanachik readers! I'm Nicole from Consider The Lilies, I'm an aspiring photographer and part-time barista at Starbucks so grab a cup of coffee, come on over and say hello anytime :)

I'm so excited that Erika asked me and a few other lovely bloggers to guest post for her over the next few days! She asked that we share whatever our hearts desire was, so after doing a little brainstorming and researching, I was inspired by a sweet friend of mine, Kate. I've spent hours reading through her posts and her thoughts on beauty. Each time I leave there I feel refreshed and inspired to redefine how I see beauty. Usually my posts are fairly loaded with pictures but today I have some thoughts on my heart that I feel will be best expressed through the written word. 

Beauty. What does that word mean to you? 

Beauty is something that we, as women, struggle with more often than not.  As I sat and thought about this topic for a little while, I came to realize that I understand how the world defines beauty and I understand how I should define beauty {these are two vastly different things in my opinion} but what I really wanted to know was how do I define beauty? When do I feel most beautiful? What do I think of when I hear the word beauty? Do I deserve to feel beautiful? Can beauty be deeper than outward appearance and a great personality {let's be real..I know the answer to that one, but just go with it}.


It's so easy to take this word at surface level and assume that beauty is a skinny waist, long hair, and a perfectly dressed lady. Yea, okay that is beautiful. There's no arguing with those attributes, but beauty is SO much more. We aren't reminded enough that beauty goes deeper than makeup, clothes, and hair. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and as I learn and continue to grow, I'm sure my definition will expand and change.  But tonight, as my thoughts roll off my fingertips and onto the keyboard, this is how I define beauty:

I suppose it depends on the day, time, and situation. There are times when yes, outward appearance echos beauty to me. When my hair falls right without me fussing over it, I feel beautiful. When I'm driving in my car with the windows down, blasting my favorite song..and yes, singing at the top of my lungs..I feel the beauty that is life. I see beauty in the water-colored sunsets my Savior paints each summer night.  I understand the heart of beauty when I have a deeply touching conversation with my best friend. I feel beauty in the crisp wind that brushes my face when I'm in the Mountains, staring up at the stars. I hear beauty in the lyrics to my favorite worship songs. I taste beauty when I'm at Chipotle...oh yes I do...beauty has a taste and it's Chipotle my friends. If you don't have a Chipotle where you live, google it..find the nearest one..road trip there..and taste beauty. 

*all photos courtesy of Nicole

I don't think beauty needs to be confined in this box of perfect clothes, hair, makeup, life etc..We let people toss this term around like it's unchangeable. But it doesn't have to be. We need to redefine what it means to be beautiful, what it means to understand beauty in our lives. We have control over that and I think it should be talked about more. 

How do you define beauty in your life? What makes you feel most beautiful? I would love to hear!

Thank you again to Erika for having me over and Kate for the inspiration to redefine what beauty means to me!

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Chantal said...

This was a lovely post!

Dilan Dilir said...

wonderufl post and I love the pictures :D

Michelle said...

Love this! Such a good thought. And Chipotle...that is beauty if anything ever was :)

Consider The Lilies said...

thanks again for having me over for a little visit Erika :) we all go through periods of time where we need others to encourage and take the reins and I'm glad I could help out in this area :)

love ya lady!

Maddirae said...

I love reading your posts! You have such a great outlook on life! I am so happy that you have found joy and love and everything every women wishes for! Whenever I am freaking out about my studies or things have just turned into a bad day all i have to do it read your blog and look at your pictures and its like all of my worries disappear! Miss you! Keep writing and ill keep reading!

Sam said...

What a great post :) Beauty should not be confined to strictly looks...there is so much more that constitutes beauty than that meets the eye.

lindsay said...

beauty can truly be found when reflecting in the little things, lovely and BEAUTIFUL post.

beka said...

lovely post!!
"beauty has a taste and it's Chipotle my friends."
i'd have to agree...

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