July 18, 2012



Sky is kind of old today. (I can say that only because I have a couple years left in my 20s.)

There isn't anything too exciting happening today,
other than a trip to a local diner for what they call their "Diner Stack".
It's basically everything they make piled onto one plate. (shudder) 

I guess it's one of Sky's favorite things. 
Apparently, Millie likes it too, as evidenced by this photo from two winters ago. 

Sigh- I miss having a cell phone that takes pictures.)

Sky, happy birthday. I hope your 30s are wonderful. I'm so glad you'll always be older than me.


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Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Sky! :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Sky! It is always great fun to tease your older husband - I'm still amused by it every year.

Mrs.B said...

Happy Birthday, Sky!

vintch said...

happy birthday sky! you've got yourself quite the beautiful little family:) may your thirties be as blessed as your twenties!

greaterexp said...

Happy birthday! In light of eternity, what are 30 years? That's just the beginning of more wisdom, growth, maturity, deeper love, and all of the truly great things of life.

The New Normal said...

Ahh, to be 30 again...sigh
I hope that Sky has a wonderful day!

beka said...

awwwww, her cheeeeeeeks!!!! so cute i can't stand it.

happy birthday to sky! :)

Chantal said...

Happy Birthday Sky! That photo is just too cute.

Fran said...

Happy birthday, Sky! and that picture is just too cute, can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

Awww happy birthday!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Sky and btw, 30 isn't old... is it?? My birthday is a few short months away and I don't want to be old yet lol.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Sky!!

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