July 11, 2012

Invest: A Poem

I told you that my guest bloggers had wrapped up, but I actually have a couple more up my sleeve, and they're too gorgeous to keep to myself. I've found some gorgeous truths in these past few weeks, all because of the posts showing up in my inbox. It's been such an honor to read them and pass them on to you. Friday will be the last guest post after today's, and today's comes from Gina.

Gina writes at Contemplating Beauty, a blog full of hope, faith in God, a love of all things vintage, and one post after another of thought-poking, encouraging concepts. She's such a sweet soul, has a beautiful family, and I'm thrilled she wrote a post for you today. It's one I will remember to read often. You'll want to bookmark this one.

When I received an email from Erika asking me if I'd be interested in guest posting for her, I was nearly speechless, even though the answer was obvious! At least to me:)

I am so honored and excited to be here today; I thought I would share a poem I wrote that is near and dear to my heart. It's a poem that "keeps me on track" so to speak, and helps my mind stay focused. I often think, "Where am I putting my energy?" "What am I investing in in this life?" "Am I making the most of my hours/days?"

I hope you enjoy it! And thank you again Erika for having me.

photo courtesy of Gina
What Are you Going To Invest In?

Invest in hope
Invest in love (as a verb)
Invest in others
Invest in kindness
Invest in not gossiping
Invest in complimenting others
Invest in forgiveness
Invest in letting go
Invest in joy
Invest in God
Invest in treating others how you'd want to be treated
Invest in sharing
Invest in being humble
Invest in not having an opinion
Invest in telling the truth
Invest in meekness
Invest in truth telling
Invest in friendships
Invest intentionally in your family
Invest in heart growth

Where is your time going to be spent with your mind, your heart? It's easy to not invest in these areas, it's more work and a challenge to do what's right, honorable, and worthy. Are you up for the challenge?

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The New Normal said...

Love this. :)

Chantal said...

I love this too!

vintch said...

oh gina and erika. two of my favorites, in one place. brings sunshine to this rainy wednesday! i love this poem, gina. thank you for sharing.

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