July 2, 2012

Near and Far

This is the last week of guest blogging. I hope you all have enjoyed meeting new friends and finding some lovely bloggers. I know I've enjoyed a much needed break, and I will be back to blogging soon.

Today's guest post is from Sue, a newlywed milspouse blogger who is transplanted to Japan with her husband. She's always posting fun giveaways and cute vlogs, and you just can't help but love her. She also recently began her blog design services, and she's great at what she does!

Hello lovelies. I'm Sue, the girl behind As It Seems. I love my family, photography, and beautiful things. I'm delighted to be here to visit today. Erika said to share what's on your heart and to be honest, there has been so much lately. As soon as I graduated high school I began to move around the country, following my wanderlust wherever it took me. Every time an adventure was finished I followed my roots back home to my family. Now I'm living outside the country for the first time because my husband is stationed in Japan.

Living here has been an amazing experience and I've loved every minute of it. Until just a few days ago when my beautiful niece was born. It absolutely broke my heart to be away from my sister at such an important time in all our lives. But at the same time I was so happy to welcome this beautiful little soul into our family. It was such a strange conflict of emotions, both extreme happiness and sadness, that I didn't know what to do with myself. So naturally I spent a lot of time crying and looking at pictures of the new little lady. She has already captured our hearts, even mine and Aaron's living so far away. I've always been close to my family. They hold such a special place in my heart, and this experience has reminded me just how lucky we all are to have each other.

These are two of my favorite photos I've taken in the past month. I've been exploring the country around me since summer is finally here and we've warmed up just a bit. Japan is truly a beautiful country and I love this chance we have to explore a new world around us. When I have days that I miss home terribly I remind myself to stop and be thankful for the little things. Thankful for the beauty that is all around me. Thankful for the experience of living in a foreign country. Thankful for my sweet puppy who can always make me laugh. And most of all, thankful that even though I'm missing most of my family, my husband is right here by my side. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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ginanorma said...

It's the toughest moments and the most painful ones that can shape us oh so much. This was such a beautiful story you shared with us, thank you, and lovely photos!!! Love your attitude!

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