May 13, 2013

Giveaway: Military Wives' Bible

Zondervan contacted me several weeks ago to announce their new release; The Military Wives' NIV New Testament, and I was excited to hear from them. I'll be honest- the Bible I read most often is actually a modern day 'translation' called "The Message".  But it's more of a comfort read and less of a literal translation, which can be important sometimes. This NIV version is easy to read, and it's also packed with lots of extras just for military significant others. They sent me a copy to review, and I was impressed that the devotionals were broad enough for Reserve and Guard wives as well, not just active.
Great features of this devotional Bible:
"·Special devotions by Jocelyn Green: 60 devotions focus on a specific passage 
with relevance to life as a military spouse.
·Home front heroes: 30 devotional stories illustrate key biblical principles
by the lives of heroes on the American home front.
·Hymns: lyrics to hymns of faith provide words of encouragement, truth, valor, and comfort.
·Basic training: 10 study features guide deeper into God’s word."
Also, if you have a friend that could use a copy, 
be sure to check out their Buy One, Give One promotion, valid through May 31: 
"With every purchase of the NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
you will receive an additional copy to share with a friend for free!"
To get your Buy One, Give One Free copy:
-Visit and create an account.
-Add 2 copies of NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (9780310421078) to your cart.
-Enter promo code BD5W11 at checkout.

Today, you can win it for yourself, a family member, or a friend; 
Zondervan Bibles will be giving one chambanachik reader their own copy 
of the Military Wives' New Testament. Just enter below!

12 kind comments from you:

confessions of an army housewife said...

Hi! Im kodie, I am a new follower! (:

JM Budvarson said...

Hi! I am new to this site, but I am sure I would share this book with some of my other Marine Wife friends as well:) But I would have to read it first. Might be helpful for me beings my husband and I just started our military life together.

ArmyWife602 said...

New follower, love this whole idea :) i have been a military spouse for 6 years now and i get prouder everyday to say that

Beth said...

If I won, I would give it to my Bible study leader, Elizabeth. She has been a new friend I have made this past year and she is a military wife as well.

Mari said...

I am a new to the military lifestyle so I would keep it for myself!!

Victoria said...

I would love to keep it for myself and hopefully pass it along if I didn't write too many notes in it!:) Thank you for this post! Love learning about anything military and God centered. Very rare to come by!

Kayti said...

I'd love to get a copy of this for my sweet friend who is a new mama and facing her hubby's first deployment this fall :)

MrsMcDancer said...

I would probably keep the copy for myself. I could use it in my life! :-)

Jessica Lynn said...

I like this! I'd probably keep it for myself, but gosh that sounds selfish, especially when talking about a Bible!

I'll Love You Forever said...

I would share it with a close mil spouse friend of mine!

Jenn said...

I'd read it first and then pass it along to my sweet friend Aggie. She gave me a similar devotional at the beginning of our deployment. :)

Tamarah said...

I would love to have a copy to read myself, and then I would love to pass it along to someone else. :-) Sometimes books that continue from person to person are the best rare jewels. This one sounds like it'll be fantastic as it ministers to military wives and is scripture all in one.

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