September 2, 2013


 "Rest and be thankful." 

Some days are for productivity. For business, and errands, and dashing here and there. For accomplishing much and pausing little.

But today is for rest. For soaking it in, drinking a little extra coffee, and yoga pants all day long. For celebrating the arrival of another September.
And for hearing Walter's first laugh- the most precious, enormous belly laugh that just happened in his sleep.

That was enough for today.

P.S. I'm guest blogging at To Love a Soldier this morning. I love your comments as always!

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Katie said...

I think I told you that I just became an aunt...well I have discovered that hearing a baby's laugh is possibly the sweetest, most irresistible sound in the universe. I am glad to hear that you are doing well :)

Chantal said...

So sweet. We had such a lazy weekend. It was wonderful!

Jen said...

This is just precious. I can only imagine how adorable that laugh was.

valinohio said...

What a BEAUTIFUL face!! Starting to look more and more like his big sister...!
Much love from Ohiooooooo,

Nicole said...

He is sweet! It's always good to slow things down and just enjoy life.

Fran said...

You need to record that laugh and send me a video. Stat ;)

Mrs.B said...

Ohh the belly laughs, aren't they just the greatest?!

Semper Wifey said...

Absolutely precious! :)

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