November 4, 2013

Love/Do Not Love {No. 3}

A new month (eek, it's November!) means a new Love/Do Not Love. As always, please leave a link to your blog post if you join in!

I love:
- Boot cuffs/boot socks. My mom crocheted me a few pairs after I'd been drooling over them on Pinterest and Etsy. They keep me a little warmer. Mostly, though, they look so darn cute.
- Nora Ephron movies. They are wonderful all year round, but they seem to ripen in the late fall. The music. The brownstones. The way they're inspired by some of my favorite old movies. The scripts, most of all. Just charming.
- Chicago. It's true; I bristle a little bit when everyone assumes that I must live in Chicago because I live in Illinois. But really? I love that city. I dare you to stand in the middle of it, with the Chicago river below you and the towering buildings above, and try to be indifferent. It's everything Carl Sandburg wrote of it and more. It's been a few years since I've visited and I can't wait to go back.
- Beverages in glass bottles. Milk from a glass bottle? Heaven. Pop tastes ten times better from a bottle than a can, too. I remember visiting my dad when he worked at the campus fire station here, and pushing dimes into what surely must have been the last bottled soda machine in the country. I'd get the grape, and that frosty, purple pop was the biggest treat.
- Since we're on the subject of glass bottled beverages, let's go ahead and mention Woodchuck. I rarely drink alcohol, and can count on one hand how many times I have in the last year and a half, but hard cider is where it's at. I'm not fancy enough to have racks of wine bottles. Just hand me a little green bottle, please.
- This exact moment of fall. It's the height of colors and smells here in Chambana. In fact, I think this may be one of the prettiest autumns I've ever seen. Millie and I love taking walks and swooning over the leaf confetti scattered all across the sidewalks. I adore the big flash of fall before everything is frozen.
My kids in costumes. Can it be Halloween every day? I really don't like the holiday much, but they made a pretty adorable bear and puppy.
- Instagram. Oh hi, 2010. I know I'm the last one to the party on this. It's okay. I wasn't sold on the concept until I ditched Facebook, but this is a fun way to keep up with people I care about and share my own photos without all the complications and yuckiness of Facebook (see below). It took a long time to convince me, but I am now officially a fan.

And now, a few things I do not love:
- Food/diet fads. I won't name any specific ones for fear of hate mail, but they're the ones dominating recipes on Pinterest, labels at the grocery store, and hashtags on Twitter. I get burned out from hearing about them pretty quickly.
- Facebook. The truth is, I don't care what my ex best friend from first grade thinks about the president. I wanted to write a longer post about my decision, but I think I'll just leave it at this: it gets really messy. It gets awfully mean. And it steals my joy. I enjoy social media and I'm still active in it elsewhere, but kissing Facebook goodbye has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It felt strange for about 12 hours. But after that, it felt like freedom. Despite what we're sold, it turns out we can go on living without it- quite happily, even.
- Onions. I just can't. When I have to cook with them, I either chop them into huge pieces that can be avoided, or mince them as fine as possible so I can pretend they don't exist.
-Going along with that, most pizza toppings. Basically, I'm 12. I want extra cheese and sometimes green olives. That's pretty much it. A supreme pizza (onions!) is my worst nightmare.
Sangria. I've only had it once, truth be told. The concept of it bothers me, though. I won't tell you what it reminds me of, but...ick.
- Michelle mentioned it in her post the other day, and I agree- chevron. It's got to go.
- And finally, Daylight Savings Time. But really, does anyone on earth love DST? It's got to go, too.

So, what are you loving this month...or not loving so much?

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Elle Sees said...

i gave up FB about 4 years ago and never looked back. however, advertisers want me to start one, so i might do a blog one, but no personal one. never again!

Kaylee said...

I like these posts! Maybe I'll get myself together and join you one of these days :)

Allison said...

I hate Facebook, too. I took a break for about 6 months but there were a few good friends that I wanted to keep in touch with who don't have a blog. So I started it up again but deleted everybody except people I still talk to and family. And I rarely accept friend requests.

Things I love: My daughter's baby babble, pumpkin flavored everything
Things I hate: D's schedule being so busy that he's hardly home, Daylight Savings Time

Anonymous said...

I am a recent Instagram convert too. I really like it! I have to disagree about onions. I love them. I even ate an entire onion like an apple on a dare. :)


Poe Kitten said...

I'm so over chevron and Daylight savings time!

greaterexp said...

Loves? I love you dearly. Kids and grandkids. Aren't they incredible creations?! Likes? Illinois autumns and all things fall-ish. Homemade anything. Old linens with fancy hand-done needlework. Letters - real handwritten letters, even if I can hardly make out the handwriting. Hearing nothing but the chickens being quiet. A smile from someone that looks mean - they look like they're melting.
Dislikes? Daylight savings time is a bad idea, unless we could always gain an hour. Facebook gone wrong, which it has most of the time.

Mrs.B said...

I've been on the verge of saying goodbye to FB. Seriously. I could go for days on why but I wont. I'm so glad you're on IG now!

Jenn said...

I came out of my 3 year facebook hiatus so I can be clued in as to what is going on in this town. But the first thing I did when I reactivated? Cleaned house. I deleted anyone I wouldn't talk to in real life. Even if I KNEW them in real life, I asked myself if I would actually walk up to them in Walmart and say "hi" and have a conversation with them. A lot of folks got the ax that day. ;) Felt GOOD. :) haha I agree about deleting it though. It's amazing. Once we leave Korea, I plan to delete it again. So glad you're on IG now!

Michelle said...

I love this. The end of October/early November is heaven. I could live in these few weeks forever.

If I hear one more thing about Paleo I'm going to flip out. I can't stand it. Just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's a good decision.

And you know how I feel about Facebook. My life has been so much better and calmer since I got off. Never, ever again will go back.

Anonymous said...

I love doing these posts!

Nikki S said...

Just the other day I posted on my Facebook page that the thing I love most about my FB friends is I would go out for coffee with every single one of them. I only have like 90 friends and half of them are family. I just don't see the point in being "friends" if we're not really friends.

This is a fun post idea! I think I'll have to give it a try.

Ashley said...

I looked out my window last week at work and realized that all the trees had finally changed, and I thought the same thing, "I love this time of fall!". I love that the leaves are pretty much all changed, and that it's not too cold, and that I can drink hot beverages all day at work. I even love rain in the just makes everything better.

I agree with you: DST has got to go! Seriously. Whoever invented it clearly had never had children.

MrsMcDancer said...

We were soul sisters until you got to the dislike for onions. I guess I can look past it as a little difference in life is good ;-) (ps I'm totally going to get pumpkin woodchuck tomorrow)

Cat said...

I don't like onions much, either. I have some of the dried minced onions my spice rack, so I often just toss a bit of that in instead of dealing with it.

And I am probably the only mom that LOVES DST! Seriously, it was so freakin' dark here until 8:30am. But now it's like 7am! (I'm not even a morning person, but my kid doesn't wake up with the sun.)

Cat said...

Also, my kid didn't have any issues with DST and I still like chevron :)

This fall has been beautiful. I want some boot cuffs/socks and some extra cheese pizza.

blm said...

i think i really need to get on the no facebook wagon. i held onto it because i have family/friends in faraway places, but i realized i almost never update it anyway! that's what the blogosphere and instagram are for, right? ;)

Fran said...

Chicago! I love Chicago so much, in high school I was convinced I'd live there on day haha

Ugh.. If I hear one more person going Paleo I'll lose it. LOSE. IT.

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