December 8, 2013

Love/Do Not Love {No. 4: Christmas Edition}

(a balanced breakfast)
It's time for a special Christmas edition of Love/Do Not Love! Leave your blog post link if you join in this time.

I love:
- Wrapping paper. The really elegant designs, with lots of ribbon or tags to gussy it up. My next dream job after writing would be gift wrapping. It's almost better than a good present.
- Garrison Keillor. If you haven't ever listened to him, stop what you're doing and go buy an album. He has the most soothing voice and tells the greatest stories. It's perfect, but especially this time of year.
- Santa Claus visiting our library. I'll be blogging pictures soon, but it turns out, there is something even better than a little Millie sitting on his lap and asking for toys- a Millie and a Walter.
- Christmas tree cakes (see photo). They are loaded with sugar and the icing has a consistency of wax, and I'm so excited every year when they hit the shelves. Tradition!
- Christmas lights. Driving around at night, looking at houses all lit up purely for our happiness? Adore it.
Whipped cream. Whipped cream and I are having a moment. I usually ask for drinks without it. Now I'm piling it on any coffee or hot chocolate I drink. The higher the whipped cream, the closer to God, right?
- Tights. This is not very Christmas related, but let's discuss it anyway. I don't have many dresses...or tights...but I would wear dresses and tights all the time if I did. And leggings. But you know what's hard to find? Tunics. Moving on...
- Playing Santa. Before having kids, I wasn't sure I would play into the whole Santa Claus thing. But then Millie was born. I found myself going full steam ahead into the deception. We call the Santa hotline. We see him at the library. My dad even dressed up as Santa for her last year and brought in her presents. I emphasize that the reason we celebrate Christmas is the birth of Jesus, and we talk about stars, and wise men, and angels. But for a few short years, she'll believe in Santa.
- Christmas cards. It doesn't even look like we'll be sending them out this year, which makes me sad. Because mail + Christmas? Two of the best things ever.
- Carols. The richness and depth of those lyrics makes me a little sad that they're only sung one month each year. We've all heard them since we were small and could sing them in our sleep, but really listen to the words sometime. They're beautiful.
A white Christmas. The actual weather condition, not the song (although that's nice, too). There's no other way to go.

And now, a few things I do not love:
- Driving in the snow. Yes, I said I like white Christmases, and I do. I like it falling. Just not on the road. Or if it is on the road, only on Christmas.
- Related: Scraping and defrosting windows for 20 minutes before going anywhere. In the (obviously) cold weather. Especially when I forget to allow time to do so. NEAT.
- A Christmas Story movie. I know. People will hate me for this one. I just don't like it. At all. Not a bit.
- I can't deal with the Elf on the Shelf business. Partly because it's a $30 little toy, but mostly because I'm scared of it.
- People making out in the Target parking lot 2 feet from me. I realize this is also not Christmas related, but I need to establish some boundaries. Hold hands all you want. Kissing is even okay. But not when I'm close enough to join in. It was weird and I wanted a shower afterwards.
- And in the also-not-Christmasy-but-loosely-Target-related category, the "word" selfie. It's a shirt at Target even. No. It's not the concept I have a problem with as much as that terrible word. I'm going to start an Instagram movement called #aselfportrait or something. #hereisaphotoofme #THISISMYFACE
- Flannel sheets. I want to like them. But they are too hot and get scratchy after two washes.
Materialism at Christmas. Or anytime of year, but especially now.
- Egg nog. Every time I have it, I think I like it, but then I realize I do not. I've never had the alcoholic version. I suppose if I drank enough of that, I would like it.
- Running out of Christmas cookies.

Tell me your favorites about Christmas!

17 kind comments from you:

Michelle said...

Sorry, I'll stop making out in Target's parking lot too close to people. I love egg nog, but I'm the same way with the pumpkin spice latte - I try it every year and I get so disappointed that I still don't like it. ;( When my Grandma passed away each of the grandkids got a creepy elf on the shelf look alike. My cousin and I got into a fight because I didn't want one - they are really scary looking and creeped me out as a kid. We will not be an elf on the shelf family either.

Sue // As It Seems said...

I've hated selfie for a long time and finally just let it go and accepted that it's probably here for a while! I think #THISISMYFACE is a better hashtag. And I'm right there with you on the eggnog. Seriously, I tell myself I like it, I pour a glass, I drink it, I want to spit it in someone's face. And then I forget and try it again later.

Kaylee said...

I love getting Christmas cards too! We aren't sending any out this year either…bummer! I am totally missing the snow this time of year! We are going to be in AZ with my parents for Christmas, and I just know it is going to throw me off that it will be hot and sunny!

Jen said...

#THISISMYFACE is amazing.

And the Elf of the Shelf is scary as sin. I swear, he is trying to eat everyone's soul. Not in my house!

Anonymous said...

I don't like A Christmas Story either. *runs and ducks her head from flying objects*


Brittney Liann said...

I always love reading these posts and finally wrote my own! :) I have to agree with you though, I absolutely hate A Christmas Story! I've just never been able to get into it. lol.

Brittany Dill said...

That picture instantly made me want to go out and buy some of those cakes, I love them as well! They are going on my shopping list for sure! :)

Laura Dembowski said...

I also love wrapping paper and Christmas cards, though I find we send out far more than we receive which is a bit of a bummer. I hate snow period and can't wait to move to warm weather - this winter is killing me. And finally - I'm not the only one that can't stand A Christmas Story. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. EVER!

Beckey said...

I love Christmas lights and carols. I don't love people who get all kinds of snarky because of lines in the stores. I'm going to post/play along - but it won't be up for a vouple of days.

Stacey B said...

I do not have the energy for Elf on the Shelf ~ and yes ... creepy!
I have never seen A Christmas Story ... nor do I have any desire to watch it

Fran said...

We really need to make #THISISMYFACE happen. And I honestly feel like the only blogger ever that doesn't have on Elf on the Shelf. I do not see the creepiness in his face at all lol. And gift wrapping is probs my #2 preferred job right after librarian. I just LOVE wrapping presents haha

blm said...

i try to eat healthy year-round, but there are certain christmas treats that just CANNOT be replaced or denied. (i'm looking at you, peppermint nougats with trees in the center.) and i am in agreement about elf on the shelf! not ever making its way into this house--those things CREEP me out to no end!

Barry and Rena said...

i agree abt driving in the snow...yuck!!!

Cat said...

I also adore those Little Debbie snacks! And I had to put my foot down when my mom was visiting during Thanksgiving, because she was fully prepared to buy us that blasted Elf. Your thoughts on whipped cream and God are hilarious (and I totally agree!).

Karen said...

I LOVE #THISISMYFACE - we should really get it trending everywhere. We bought that creepy elf - Nora loves it and I find it's great bribery. But a friend of mine has a soft, stuffed elf that is WAY less creepy looking that I would have loved to get instead lol. And you should see the drivers up here - every year, everyone forgets that it snows in Winterpeg and they all forget how to drive for the first 2 months of winter.

Michelle said...

ERIKA. This is perfect. I nodded a long to every single one. I also am obsessed with tights/leggings/dresses but don't own nearly enough. My goal is to buy some this winter. I'm not sending cards out either this year :( They are weirdly expensive. But next year I will and I will send one to you!

I saw the selfie shirt at Target and gagged. I am officially on board with the #THISISMYFACE movement.

The scraping and defrosting is the worst. I have to deal with it every morning before work, and every morning I forget how long it takes. I am so with you on the Christmas materialism (and in general!). I find myself more disgusted with it every year. I just want a quiet, simple Christmas.

Beckey said...

finally got my list posted! Just wanted to share:

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