January 25, 2014

Chicago Pizza and Other Important Things

Some bloggers feel that they should keep posting through those inevitable moments of writer's block or lack of inspiration. I'm of the opinion that I should put my pen down when the words aren't there. Because of this, and because life sometimes gets in the way of writing, it's been a whole week since my last post. 

But Fran recently tagged me in one of her posts, and had a few questions for me. It's a quiet afternoon of laundry tossing around in the dryer and sipping (mostly) decaf coffee. Walter is sleeping, and Millie is playing at her Grandpa's house. I think it is the perfect time to stretch my legs across the ottoman, slouch into the middle of the couch, and let the world know my pizza preference, among other things.

Fran's questions:
1. If you had to move to a city you've never been to, which one would you choose?
I'd like to live in Chicago for a while, and I adored Seattle, but I've been to both of them before, of course. Maybe London, or a little English village? I've never been to England, and it's safe to say that I could be quite content in any part of it.

2. What’s your favorite thing to order from Starbucks?

Child, I could order about 20 different things and be happy. I suppose I'm usually a mocha in the winter, frappuccino in the summer kind of girl. Mocha cookie crumble frappuccinos were the best until they got rid of them (and now I settle for java chip). I don't understand why Starbucks stops making drinks. (shakes fists) I also recently tried their almond croissant, and I am undecided on how I feel about it.

3. Pie or cake? And which kind?

I think it's mean to make someone choose, Fran. However, if it came down to it, I would pick cherry pie. Followed by chocolate cake without icing. Followed by more pie. And maybe more cake.

4. You’ve won an all-paid trip of your dreams, where would you go?

I'd professed my love of England so much. But if I could go somewhere after that, I would pick Italy. I love the sound of the language, the rich history, and the food. I judge most places based on food and accents.

5. Which book would you like to insert yourself in and why?

The first book that came to mind is To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm not sure I would really want to live in it, though. Maybe Sense and Sensibility. I've always felt a kinship with Elinor. That, and I like those dresses.

6. Name 1 historical figure or fictional character with whom you’d like to have dinner. Why him/her?

My immediate answer is usually Abraham Lincoln. I think he's fascinating. There are a lot of writers I love, but writers tend to be kind of moody and introverted as a group, and probably wouldn't make the best dinner guests. They also tend to drink a lot. Also, imagine the pressure- "Make sure you vacuum one more time; Charles Dickens will be here any minute!"

7. Which time-period would you like to live in?

Funny you should mention this. Michelle just wrote a post describing how she starting panicking about how she would deal with a situation in a book, and realized it's something that will never happen in real life. I do the same thing with going back in time. I read something by Charlotte Bronte, for example, and have very real worries about how I can live without medicine, my straightening iron, hot showers, MY COFFEE MAKER. I get a little worked up just thinking about it.

8. Chicago Style pizza or New York style pizza? You will be judged based on this answer.

I know I am safe from judgement on this because Fran (rightfully) likes Chicago pizza. I do not like Chicago style pizza because I'm from Illinois; I like it because it is correct. New York "pizza" is a floppy grease circle that you have to fold up to eat before tasting it. Chicago pizza is the way God intended pizza to be. It's a meal. It's an experience. And it's a waste of my time to eat something thinner than a phone book. (Related note: why do they still make phone books?)

9. What’s your favorite recipe?

Oh dear. That's a tough one. I most enjoy eating Italian food, which doesn't require very complicated recipes. My mom and I made a orangey/citrusy/liquor cake while I was visiting her at Christmas a few years ago, so I will say that.

10. If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

There are so many things I begin to write, but every one of them made me stop. Because as trite as it sounds, even the bad things have a purpose, and there can be so much good come from them. There are things I wish people didn't struggle with or have to go through, but I think I'm not wise enough to choose something like that.

11. If you had to dye your hair a crazy, non-conventional color, what color would you choose?

My natural one. And only if I had to. It's crazy (i.e., horrid) enough.

And now, I'm craving pizza. Chicago style, of course.

11 kind comments from you:

Fran said...

"Chicago pizza is the way God intended pizza to be" PREACH. hahaha

Jen said...

Everyone keeps saying Chicago pizza is best. I've never had it and I've been to Chicago! (embarrassed)

Alissa said...

"And it's a waste of my time to eat something thinner than a phone book." Totally cracked me up! :)

Jane said...

The worst is when somewhere says they have Chicago style pizza and it turns out to be pan crust. Umm not the same! So I've just turned to having to make it myself. But it isn't the same as Gino's.

Allison said...

You've got to try the caramel pecan sticky bun!!!!!!

Mrs.B said...

Chicago pizza, always. I love England and you would definitely fit right in. I know this! My dream is to take Mike and the girls. I used to go every other year up until I turned 18, then my parents stopped paying for me to go. haha

Michelle said...

Shamefully, I have never had Chicago style pizza. I'm afraid it would turn me into a raging pizza monster. When I go to Chicago, I demand you have some with me.

"Make sure you vacuum one more time; Charles Dickens will be here any minute!" CRACKED ME UP.

The thought of not having a coffee maker is enough to give me nightmares for eternity.

Jen said...

I have never had chicago style pizza and I know I'm missing out.

Jenn said...

LOOOOOVE Chicago-style pizza. Love it. I too, cannot understand how thin-crust pizza is a "thing." Even worse here- the Koreans stick cheese in between two large tortillas, then top the "pizza" with pepperoni and cheese and call THAT a pizza. Wtf? I can't wait to go back to Chicago and eat a phone book pizza.

valinohio said...

Love you, love your blog, but.......NY PIZZA all.the.way!!!! (What can I do, it's part of my heritage...!! It's in my "NY, nice Jewish girl" blood!!" :-) I do, however, think we'd BOTH agree that this SAD A$$ excuse for pizza I have to deal with here in Ohioooooooooo is a sorry imposter!!!
Much love from Ohio!!

Cat said...

I'm the wacky one who likes both NY and Chicago pizza equally depending on my mood. But since I live much closer to Chicago than NY at this point in my life, my mood keeps gravitating toward the wonder that is the deep dish.

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