April 5, 2009

By Request-The Lousy Day, and The Kiss

I'm not sure why, but I've been asked to write. I started to write earlier today, but deleted it. I was writing about frustration, but got too frustrated to be patient with my words. Anyway, the point of the post was simply how annoyed I am today. It's made up of a bunch of parts, expertly assembled into an irritating day.

It started with not accomplishing anything whatsoever this weekend. If it's only one thing, I want to feel like my time off isn't a total waste-but besides ironing, it was. Then I sat down to watch the Slumdog Millionaire DVD I'd been craving for weeks, and found out I was among the lucky ones who did not get the extra features. That did not impress me since it's one of the reasons I rushed to buy it so soon. Once I finally sat down to watch it, I fell asleep, and had to go back to the halfway point when I woke up. After that, I sat down to do my taxes and got all the way to filling in my account number for my (small-which is also annoying) refund when the IRS decided they needed some long-gone PIN number from last year. Next, I was forced to hear a loud, irregular bass from the radio next door where the rental cars are washed. I went from having a small headache earlier to feeling like I have the worst migraine in months. I also had to deal with some personal stuff that I've loathed for days. And to top it off, my dad made a lemon cake while I'm trying to lose weight and sucking down oatmeal and water like it's nobody's business (side note:I did eat some cake). Add all this to not sleeping at all last night, and it's a fail of a day.

Anyhow, I'm sure that is not what anyone wanted to read about. Something more true to my blog would be better. So instead of talking any more about the bad, here's a bit of the good-I went to a movie last night. It was not the greatest, and I found myself trying to remember the character's names while my mind wandered. I kept coming back to the same thoughts again and again. The most common lately has been The First Kiss With Sky, capitalized in Winne-the-Pooh style because of its importance. I think it's funny how it happened, so hopefully I won't be in trouble for telling the story.

Once we were done being out for the night, we came back to watch a movie. This is hilarious to me now since there is no way I could concentrate on a movie after meeting him. I couldn't stop looking at him, trying to memorize his face, his smile, and everything about him as if I were going to lose my sight any minute. And staring turned to laughing, and somewhere in the middle of this, our faces got closer and it happened. It wasn't really acknowledged. It had been over before I knew what had happened. As incredible as it was, it was like The Kiss was something we knew would happen, something to get past and get on to a relationship full of them. In fact, the whole weekend was built the same way. It's like nothing seemed to be happening too soon because we knew it was going to happen.

And now that it's happened, I hurry up and wait. I hug the t-shirt pillow. I write too many emails. I use the video function on my camera. I get excited buying a vacuum or trashcans for the apartment. And I cry with my hand over my mouth when I see a live picture from millions of miles away. This is what's on my mind. This is what I'm ready to trade in for a kiss again.

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Dena said...

Sorry you had a sucky weekend I was in that boat with ya! Not that I like hearing that my friends have lousy days, this is what I wanted to read. Yours and Latisha's blog are like my newspaper..if I don't get my daily newspaper I feel out of the loop!

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