April 9, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Chambana

It was one of those forwards that gets passed around work. Barley a step above the garden variety quiz, this email asked the recipient to describe the sender in one word. I doubt I could describe anyone in just one word, but I got some interesting replies. In between ones that I don't count (Dena's), and office jokes ("my long lost twin" from the girl who is always called Erika, and the reason why I'm called Andrea too often), there were some interesting things. "Chameleon", from another secretary-this sounded bad until she came up to me and asked if I liked it, then explained it meant I could fit in with everyone well. Then "witty" from my boss. This delighted me for two reasons-one, it's obviously awesome to have my boss think that about me. But two, I can cross it off my list (see prior blogs and Facebook notes)! And from a friend, "Passionate." This may not sound like much, but it verifies exactly where I am in life. (Note: My dad has yet to get back to me-he says he is "still thinking"...)

Maybe it's the reason why everyone seemed to go out of their way to compliment my red shirt today, doing little to hide how tired they are of my black, grey, and khaki work wardrobe. It wasn't until a nurse told me not once, but twice, how I should wear bright colors-"You know, that just looks so good on you!"-that I became completely amused to the point of hiding laughter. It made me think about what's changed in my outlook. Turns out it's been a 180 in a lot of areas.

There are the bits that go unnoticed until examination-like the fact that I probably do have more fun as a blonde now, or the way I feel giddily un-childish in high heels. Maybe it shows in the way I've been able to be more outgoing at my job the last few months. The music melting my speakers sounds different than before. I had a discussion earlier about the happiness/glass half full way of life-my friend who has the greatest laugh told me she has turned into a pessimist. As it turns out, I am capable of being an optimist.
I think this doesn't take much investigation to figure out where it stems from. I've gotten away from where I didn't want to be, and I'm home sweet home again. I live in the town I absolutely love, albeit beyond reason perhaps. There's the job I don't dread, and the almost-apartment is constantly on my mind.  I somehow have the coolest boyfriend I could ever ask for. I have the friends back that I haven't had for years. I still keep in touch with the awesome chicks I met in Indiana-love those after-The-Office texts!

The most important factor has been my dad-he taught me without knowing he did, or without me knowing he had until after the fact. Being around him much just makes the chill pill seep into my skin. I'm not sure how he can be so laidback and accomplish anything, but he does. The way he looks at life is unique-I've never found someone close. It's very admirable, though, and I hope I keep following that until it's completely second nature.

The point may be nothing more than an infomercial for happiness. It works for me! Take it from someone who has tried both angles and never thought she'd get here-this is way more fun.

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