May 29, 2009

The Clickable Post

I stood on the sidewalk, looking towards the yellow taxi moving down my street. I glanced down at my running shorts. What a Friday night. Slightly tempted to feel sorry for myself, I trudged up the stairs, hung up my key, and sat in front of the computer.

Facebook browsing led me to a status update by a guy from high school, who incidentally took me to the only dance of my high school career (homecoming 2000). He now owns some kind of technology company that I could never hope to understand. I read a few updates (since he tends to update roughly every hour) about his excitement for Google Wave. I looked it up on a whim and ended up watching the entire hour and a half demo. (Yes, on a Friday night. This shows you a glimpse of the excitement in my life.) It will be amazing, and it will be the best thing for writers to happen in years. (In other words, look for it in a Blogger near you.) So thanks, Fendley.

Next, I went to download a song I heard on the way home on the radio station I've mentioned in the past. Little did I know, the band Passion Pit had turned that song, Little Secrets, into a remix contest. And although all the remixes I listened to happened to fail enormously, it was cool to know that this Nintendo-y sounding tune was growing in a whole other subculture. This music surfing naturally led me to see if you can still download Coldplay's free album that includes my current favorite song, "Glass of Water"; you can. So you should.

After this, and after the long walk I took meandering through a park, it was time for a snack. So I tried a new take on one of my favorite meals. I did not understand how this was supposed to taste any better than the original, but gave myself a pat on the back for using a stove and a pan, and wished my boyfriend could see me.

Reminded of him, I checked my AIM just in case. He wasn't on, but a note on a away message showed that the fun was being had at Boltini and I wasn't there. So I texted...and now it's time to put on a drop-dead sexy number and hit the town! Chambanachik out!

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Dena said...

Booooo!!! Since you didnt stay!!

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